A Review of ALT.com

August 28, 2023 Laurie Hamilton

In a Nutshell: A Short Review of ALT.com

ALT.com came under my radar when a colleague mentioned it in passing. With my interest piqued, I decided to find out what the website is about, and I found an online community of people living out their erotic fantasies in a very “50 Shades of Gray” way. It also helped that the site is safe and easy to use.

Pros & Cons



ALT.com at a Glance


Average membership: over 400 000 people
Average weekly activity: 80, 000
Gender proportion: female 20% male 80%
The average age of active members: 25-34 years

alt review what it is

About Site

The question: what is ALT.com? It is one I get asked often, so I thought it fitting to address it before discussing it further. ALT.com is an adult dating site built to bring together consenting adults of legal age, and give them a safe environment to carry out their innermost sexual fantasies.

The website is for both single or married individuals and groups also. Everyone in the ALT community has a sexual urge or fantasy to fill, so no one asks questions beyond your skills under the sheet and your sexual preference. The site offers a wide range of people; that is, whether you are into BDSM or some other kinky stuff, this ALT.com review can guarantee that you’ll find your match.

Note that if you are harboring a secret desire to find a long-term partner on this website, you might get disappointed. While I admit there’s a possibility of finding your soul mate, I must also hammer on the fact that most of the members of this dating site are only there for a casual hook up. Some might become regular, but it’s not a guarantee for a happily ever after.

How Does ALT.com Work

A comprehensive ALT.com review lets the reader know the working of the site, which is what I’ll discuss next. To gain access to the site, you must register as a member or a model.  The latter means that you can be the one looking for a hookup, or the one who is waiting to get picked.

Registration gives you a way in, but you can’t do much on the site until you become a paying member. I must emphasize that enjoying the features of the site only comes with a subscription plan. Lack of the latter means you’ll only gaze at the simple design of the website, and nothing else.

This review of ALT.com can guarantee that once you become a paying member, you’ll be glad you did and get your money’s worth of activities. Note that the more you pay, the more benefits you get. Also, having a paid plan is the only sure way to get a hookup with the person you desire, not because sex comes at a fee, but to have access to converse with the person, and watch their videos.

How to Register on ALT.com

ALT.com reviews always cover registration, as it is essential. Unlike other dating sites, registering on this platform is very easy to do. It involves steps that got designed not to waste any time.

First, you’ll fill in the sex you identify with — there’s zero judgment — and secondly, you’ll provide a valid email address. Don’t give a bogus email, because the site will send you a confirmation link to ascertain that you exist and indicated an interest in signing up. The site also requires that you use a “Strong” password to safeguard your account.

ALT.com will also ask you at the point of registration to fill in your sexual orientation, body type, race, marital status, and role. The latter means if your BDSM role is submissive or dominant. You will also get asked to write a few things about yourself, like a short essay, but don’t fret because there are writing tips and suggestions to help you do that.

Note that the email provided is your ALT.com login details, and registration is for singles, couples, and groups.

Search and Profile Quality

ALT dating site provides you with only top profiles, which you started building with the information you provided during registration. The profiles of the members and models contain information on their age, occupation, height, drug use, alcohol consumption, size of genitals for the male members, information about circumcision, astrology, interest in children, and personality type.

The profiles also cover a member and model’s lifestyle information, and kinks, that is, how far the person is willing to go, and what he or she will do and not do. Viewing profiles comes with premium membership and you can choose to include your information or withhold it. The former gives other users a chance to see if they are compatible with you, while the latter makes it harder for them, which brings me to my next point.

People often ask: is ALT.com good with searches? And the answer is a search is only as good as the profiles it is working it. While the website has an advanced system that filters profiles based on sexual preference, gender, and BDSM role, it won’t do much if members fail to share detailed info.

The search also uses age, location, and allows you to look for a hookup based on every sexual fantasy you have. There is absolutely no limit to what you can find; thus, ALT.com is suitable for those who like to go over and beyond during sex.

How Safe is ALT.com

Another question that people ask is: is ALT.com safe?  And the answer is that it’s as safe as it can be. You don’t have to worry about your information falling into the wrong hands, because the management of the site will not give out your information to a third party. Not only is it bad for business, but it also violates their privacy rule, and no one wants to use a website they can’t trust.

Help and Support

ALT dating reviews guarantees there is support staff, all day, every day, all year round to answer your inquiries, listen to your complaints, and help solve your issues. You can reach them via phone call or email, and the support staff can help you in setting up a hookup.

Prices and Plans

The truth about ALT.com is that while it is not expensive, and is affordable, it charges a bit more than other dating sites. The membership plan comes in two: silver and gold plans.

For silver, you pay:

For gold, you pay:

Those using either of the two plans have unlimited access to view profiles, but a gold membership puts you on top of searches, send you alerts on new members, new videos, and new blog posts. Note that the prices and plans do not cover gifts; you pay for those differences, and the same goes for viewing BDSM films.


This review hoped to answer the question: Is ALT.com legit? And I believe I have answered it. It is not a scam site and it has helped several men and women experience the sexual freedom they could not get from conventional relationships. It is an erotic dream come true, and all you have to do is sign up, and start living out your fantasies.