CasualX Review 2022: Confirmed Casual Relationships

August 25, 2023 Laurie Hamilton

Launched in 2017, the CasualX app is an app available for iOS and Android users who are looking for casual encounters. Single people and couples are free to join the community to engage in casual flings, one-night stands, friends with benefits, swinging, or any other kind of sexual relationship. It means basically, you can have a lucky day on the CasualX dating website.


For those interested in encounters without commitments, this app is the ideal setting. The applications offer simplicity, efficiency, and privacy for those wishing to connect with like-minded individuals. Most of its members are from the US, Canada, UK, and Australia, and it boasts over 500,000 downloads. For more reviews, continue reading. Also, start registering and using this software!

CasualX: Pros & Cons



CasualX: Where Does It Stand And Its Background?

When CEO Michelle Li saw that many of her friends were having trouble finding easy hookups, she decided to create the CasualX app. To keep things easy, the interface is similar to swiping dating apps. However, it is particularly great for people wanting to hookup. In other words, it guarantees all the fun without the hassles of figuring out if today’s match might be “the one.”

CasualX app

Web, Mobile App, User Interface, And Registration: Find The Truth About CasualX

Only available for mobile devices, it is an iPhone and Android app. Based on several reviews, it has a 4.5-star rating in general. While the app stores may show the difference in ratings, both the app versions are pretty good in terms of performance and looks and feels the same.

What Is Joining Procedure? Just A Piece Of Cake!

Once you download the CasualX app, you’ll see how great privacy and security are given attention. The registration process is quite simple – choose a username and password and provide a working email address. However, there is a twist in the story because you will need to wait a few minutes to access your CasualX account profile. Each profile is manually validated to confirm that the new account is real. You get alerted via email and push notifications after your profile is authorized. And your account is ready for CasualX log in.

Do The CasualX Account Lead To Real Profiles?

The app has an excellent security and verification feature. Each new profile gets manually verified using photo verification to prevent fake profiles. So keep your valid ID ready to upload and join the army of lucky users on the hookup site. 

Also, even if the app’s primary goal is to bring together people searching for no-strings relationships, you might also come across some escorts as well. You can report them and contact the support center. 

Endure the CasualX App

Only iOS and Android users can access the app. Compared to other dating apps, this one is unique. It exists primarily to facilitate casual dating. No serious, long-term relationships with strings attached! You can browse other CasualX users as soon as you establish a CasualX account and a profile. 

What Are CasualX Special Features?

As previously mentioned, downloading and registering on the site are both free. You can access the CasualX app and easily navigate it as a CasualX free member. Here are a few unique features.

It’s the fastest way to browse a large number of profiles quickly. Additionally, it aids in determining who would be your ideal date for a casual encounter.

It is a vital component of the CasualX app. It lets you view other profiles and a social media-style feed of the user’s postings and status changes.

The meet is the second key feature. Using this swipe-based discovery method, you can swipe right to like or swipe left to hate a match. The algorithm will alert you when you both swipe right in agreement.

Basic filtering options include gender, age, and location. 

With the Random Match feature, you receive one match each day that you can talk with for free. 

Picture albums for CasualX users are an impressive feature that deserves mention in the review of CasualX. Both a public and a private album are among them. In a shared album, your photos are visible to everyone. However, in a private album, you can keep your nudes or erotic pictures and share them with people only after approval.

If you and someone else have interests in common, it enables you to communicate without spending any money. 

How Efficient Is CasualX App Search?

Having a beautiful profile is the best method to improve your chances. Furthermore, verifying your images can improve your findings. It has capable software and works well in finding people a perfect match. Let’s dive deep into some technicalities.

How Does CasualX Work?

With the help of the hookup app, singles and couples may find no-obligation relationships such as friends-with-benefits, casual dates, and romantic experiences. They want to make it easier for single men and women to locate a simple, quick connection. You can discover love, committed relationships, and even marriage here. 

How Do The Searching Options And Filters Work?

It’s simple to look for ladies. The search filter is simple and offers the following choices:

The CasualX app keeps things simple for users with different tech skills. It ensures that the searching option is easy to understand and use to find a likable partner. 

Is CasualX Good for Communications? Useful Tips

The communication tools include an internal email system and online chat. Messaging other CasualX users is similar to messaging on other dating apps, which makes the feature easy to find and use. It is intuitive and simple to use. 

CasualX user

Alternative Hookup Sites

Adults in the app community who are single or in a couple might be interested in alternative dating apps. Here are some options you may want to try if you are looking for variety:

Fees For CasualX Subscription And Payment Options

CasualX Free downloads are available. To message other members, users must purchase a premium subscription. Here are several premium subscriptions for the CasualX app:

Plan / SchemePlan DurationCasualX Cost (USD)
Premium Plan1 Month14.99
3 Months35.99
6 Months54.99

The site gives users a free gold membership to draw larger casual dating communities from across the globe. Users can share blog content on social media sites, including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. To obtain the gold membership, share the CasualX app on social media and send a snapshot of your sharing to [email protected].

Features Of Free CasualX Subscription

Free basic membership is available. Users will receive advantages, such as the ability to like up to 25 profiles daily and send unlimited messages to those who want you back. CasualX users will also receive one Random Match each day.

Features Of Premium CasualX Subscription

Premium membership gives you the freedom and limitless ability to contact any other people you choose.

How Much Does CasualX Dating Site Cost?

There are free downloading versions for iOS and Android, so there are no costs associated with installing the program. The monthly CasualX subscription fee is 14.99 USD, which is reasonable compared to the industry average. Users can obtain a free gold membership by mentioning the CasualX dating website in a blog post or sharing it on social media.

CasualX: How Safe Is It? Is CasualX Legit?

The platform is pretty secure. Also, the credit card information isn’t compulsory on the site. The team of the CasualX site is doing everything possible to safeguard the system by individually approving each profile, but you should still use caution and have an open mind.

Technical Security<

The main concern of the new CasualX users is “Is CasualX safe.” There are many real sex addicts on the database. A moderator manually approves each profile on the platform. All users must complete CasualX sign up using an email address or an Apple ID and abide by the community guidelines. Users can use the private photo album to keep their explicit photos out of public sight while still having access to them for sharing with a new partner.

Customer Support Service

Contacting the customer care team is simple. Visit the CasualX website, where you’ll find a “contact us” section with an email address for support: [email protected]. The creators take customer support seriously and typically respond to app store reviews, providing a contact email for anyone having problems.


There are many top-notch review available. It’s mainly because the app was created with like-minded individuals seeking out similar intriguing information on casual relationships in mind. On the CasualX app, people are pretty open-minded and do not mind experimenting with different sexual orientations, marital statuses, and genders. With a swipe-based interface, the software is incredibly responsive. Using your email address, you can easily and quickly create a CasualX account. It’s possible to make a profile and upload some photos to albums.

Also, manual verification reduces the number of fraudulent profiles and con artists among CasualX users. It has a significant function that allows you to check someone’s profile while conversing with them. Further, you may send pictures in chats! Photos can be added to distinct, public, and private albums. You can upload 30 images to the CasualX app and share your erotic pictures with other people.