Reputation And History of ChatHour

August 25, 2023 Laurie Hamilton

ChatHour is an online adult chat service where members can search for like-minded sexual partners based on their region. Users can enter chat rooms created by other participants, as well as create their own. Several reviews note that you can use both desktop and mobile versions for iOS and Android devices.


This adult chat service focuses on usability over design. After you ChatHour log in for the first time, you may be confused by the indistinct design in green. But it is worth noting that after registration, you will be pleasantly surprised by the ease of use and convenience. The most important thing to note in this review of ChatHour is that this great adult hookup app is completely free, so if you are looking for a worthwhile platform to find local hookups, then ChatHour is what you need. 

In addition to chatrooms, you can search for sex partners at the location “USA Chat | UK Chat | Australia Chat”. Also available are Bilingual chat rooms “Arabic Chat | French Chat | German Chat [Deutsch] | Japanese Chat [Nihongo] | Spanish Chat [Espanol]. In this review, you will learn all the important information about this great adult hookup site, as well as the truth about ChatHour.

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What Is ChatHour?

What is This is a popular adult chat service that focuses on casual sex chat. The membership is made up of men and women from the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and many other countries. You may create a free profile and join a community of individuals looking for friendship, love, and other things. The average age of this fantastic app’s users is 20-35 years old, but by entering the conversation, you may easily meet younger or older stunning babes.

In this review, it is also worth noting the excellent mobile app available for Android devices. You can download this wonderful mobile app for free on Google Play. It is worth noting that this adult chat app is constantly updated and improved. Among the last updates was Fixed compatibility issues on iOS 11 including text box disappearing issues when a message is received while typing. The size of the mobile app for iOS is 6.4 MB. By downloading this great app you can join more than 30 pages of already created chat rooms for searching adult hookups and kinks, and also have a great opportunity to create your own chat room based on your preferences.

Each ChatHour member may explore member profiles and locate new sexual partners in a variety of ways using their free membership tier. Users of ChatHour may utilize extensive search features to find appropriate matches based on their personal information, and they can also send messages to possible partners using the site’s email system. What’s really amazing about this adult hookup site is that you don’t have to pay anything to receive full access to all of the features; everything is completely free.

Some Interesting Facts About ChatHour 

  1. Site Name: ChatHour;
  2. Average Sign-up: under 5 mins;
  3. Paid or Free: the site is totally free;
  4. Unique ChatHour facts and figures:
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Pros and Cons of the ChatHour chat Site



What Is The Sign-Up Process?

Everyone must first register in order to have access to all of the wonderful features of our professional website. Signing up with the ChatHour app is a rather simple process. If you are new to the online chat scene, simply follow a few pointers to successfully register on an adult sex site. We’ve included some basic information on how to join this top adult service. You must complete fields such as:

After ChatHour sign up you have to checkbox that you have read and agreed to this adult site’s terms of use and privacy policy.

Partner Search on ChatHour

ChatHour also claims to simplify your chat life by providing unique features such as the ability to filter matches based on region and age. When you use this chat site, you will enter a highly secure environment in which everything you enter is kept completely secret. When new users sign up for this fantastic adult hookup service, they may construct their own “wish list.” Simply said, this is where you will save your best matches. You can also save your favorite real sex hookup matches to your favorites list and get notified when they become available.

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How Does ChatHour Work?

Most people are drawn to it because it is so easy to use and completely free. Unlike most similar adult sites where everything is tied to the evaluation of photos of other users, here everything is much simpler. You just go to the site, choose a chatroom by the name you are interested in and look for like-minded people for sex hookups and other kinks. Moreover, you can search for partners by location:

Or look for partners in special Bilingual chat rooms:

Another unique section that the ChatHour dating website boasts of is the ethnicity search section:

Such a huge list of chatrooms gives users great opportunities to find hookup sex in a more relaxed atmosphere. The only thing you need is to create a ChatHour account, after which you will be able to find the hookup locale in the shortest possible time.

ChatHour Search Options and Filters

ChatHour has a sophisticated matching algorithm that considers criteria like common interests and hobbies. This adult hookup site also allows you to search for ladies based on your age, geography, and even whether you want to meet a local lady. If you don’t have time to search for matches, you might be paired with a random beautiful female or search for profiles that represent your personality.

The most appealing aspect of this adult hookup service is the ability to contact your matches without leaving a message or email. This also implies that you should get to know them better rather than merely using their photographs as profile images.

How to Find Matches on ChatHour?

To be frank, the entire globe is on ChatHour chat website, and if you start looking for your ideal spouse in this sector, you will receive the greatest results. The reason for this is that thousands of individuals use this website to find love. It is advised that you search the OkCupid dating website for a great match in order to locate mates. Yes, there are thousands of individuals on the internet, and you will need to take the time to look at the various matches and contact some of the people. As a result, you should stick to your aims and concentrate on your profile. After receiving a number of matches on the internet, you should begin contacting them one by one.

ChatHour app

How Much Does ChatHour Cost? 

It is worth noting that this adult hookup chat is absolutely free, so there is no premium ChatHour subscription, so all users can enjoy finding local hookups without spending extra money. What’s more, since this adult chat is free, the level of security is even higher than the competition, since it does not require credit card details.

Free User Features

As mentioned more than once in this review, all the features on this adult hookup site are absolutely free, among the most popular are the following:

Is ChatHour Safe?

This adult hookup website is completely secure. You may find your dream date while being safe. This adult sex website makes it easy to discover your ideal partner. After you sign up, you may start looking for individuals your age who have been on ChatHour for a while. This adult sex app has been around for almost a decade and is still active. As a consequence, you may be certain of its genuineness.

Customer Support and Customer Protection

The FAQ section contains the majority of the answers to frequently asked questions. You are also welcome to apply. Enter your contact name, email address, nickname, chat subject, operating system, and browser to submit a ticket. Finally, tick the box – I found my problem on the support site by searching using a check box. After the request has been processed, a platform employee will contact you and give expert support. The support crew is accessible seven days a week and is always ready to assist with any ChatHour concern.

ChatHour FAQ


In conclusion of this review, it is worth noting that ChatHour for sex lovers brings together a huge community of sex holists in one place. Chances are you’ll meet a lot of the kindest and most open-minded people online who love sex and just want to have fun. If you are one of them, you can be sure that your efforts will be recognized.

The main concept of this great adult online resource is that ChatHour users have complete freedom of action. Members can join existing chatrooms, create their own, search for partners, and even vote for other sites, etc.

Therefore, it is always fun here, especially if you download the top-notch mobile app for Android or iOS. The application weighs only 6.4MB, and there are a lot of benefits from it. Therefore, we recommend that you join this wonderful community of local hookup lovers.