Fuckr Review

August 25, 2023 Laurie Hamilton

If you are the man who looks for sex with a hot girl, this dating platform is right for you. Here you find no obligations to your partner. The only thing that connects both of you is just sexual intercourse. This review of Fuckr dwells upon the inner design and workings of the system. There are some buttons and options on the dating website which are used the most frequently and, thus, are located in the place for you to pay attention to them immediately.

In a Nutshell


The main idea of Fuckr.com is to create a space where dwell the girls with slutty behavior. Fuckr dating site reviews indicate that you can hardly find here long-term relationships. As for one-night stands, no one has any objections. All of them agree to the terms offered to them by the dating website from the very beginning. This online hookup service copes with its work and primary aims.

Pros and Cons




Fuckr.com at a Glance

About Fuckr

The Fuckr dating platform was launched in 2012. It appeared after online hookup service began to be very popular among people. It changed the design and simplified everything. The colors on the website are dark for you not to be dazzled by effulgence. There are too many luminous things to make you feel uncomfortable.

The dating platform does not have a wide range of users to huddle everything in the portfolio. It brings up the rear in number but leads in quality.

Fuckr dating site combines the registration questions with some girl’s suggestions for you to vote either you like this type or not. If you are into it, tick the heart. If not, you are to put a cross on this. Thus, it is called a great matching system.

How Does Fuckr Work

The contemporary generation can cope with any sort of technology they are given. As soon as you do Fuckr log in, you may see the Home page already with some girls for you based on the signup process answers. The left menu of the dating service consists of:

The home page of the online dating site incorporates three main sections of Home, Activity, and Profile settings. This tab is great, as men typically notice the woman they are going to have some sexual intercourse with. If you see that you are not satisfied with who you are offered, you can go to Hot/or Not. There you may endlessly evaluate the girls, and, thus, the dating website analyzes and forms a new portion of suggestions. When you have given the feedback to some more women, you may go to the Matches tab, where all the new girls for you will be indicated. That is how this service works.

The truth about Fuckr is that this does not always work for some reason. Members usually do not pay attention to this step, as they do not understand the workings of the service.


Before getting to signup on the dating website, a man is to ask the question: “What is Fuckr.com?” If he is aware of all the pitfalls, then it is advisable to come to the very process. As has been already mentioned, general questions are intertwined with the girl’s suggestions. The whole procedure should not take too much time. 5 minutes will be enough.

Important information to indicate concerns your email, phone number, location, etc. These are mandatory fields marked with an asterisk. Thus, you cannot go on without them being filled.

Search & Profile Quality

The tabbed search is not common. There you may find typical three sections that correspond to All dates, new, and online ones. The filters are hidden in the upper right corner and you are to click on the icon. However, advanced filters of the dating service are very poor. You may search by age and location only. You can just tick the box to show only profiles with photos.

The profile quality is high comparatively. You can upload both types of photos. The first one is for all the users and the second one is private. That means that only some special people can see them.


Is Fuckr legit? You cannot judge by profiles, but the Terms and Conditions of the dating service inspire hope. Is Fuckr safe? It does not have an encrypted system of high quality to protect your data in a way it should be. However, the main problem lies not in the information leak. From experience, it has not happened even once. Nonetheless, it is a hookup website, so there is always a risk. Especially when it comes to real meetings. As a result, Fuckr.com tried to indicate the main warns.

With such dating services, everyone is to be careful with what he shares and sends to the stranger. With no confirmation system, there is a lot of scams.

Help & Support

Under the left menu, one can find the dating site help & support tab. The idea of it is highly elaborated. You are offered options. In case you want to find out something, FAQ can help you a lot. The Questions are sorted out into 5 main topics. First of all, it has a message or email questions. Secondly, members may get to know about general characteristics and profiles. Finally, there are other questions and those concerned with private access. The dating service also has a helpline.

Prices & Plans

Free Membership of the dating platform does not give a full understanding of the service. You cannot chat normally. There is always a pop-up window to buy a gold one. You cannot view all the profiles.

As a result, it is recommended to subscribe to one of the plans. There exist a trial for a few days. In general, people opt for 6 months one as it saves the most money.


Is Fuckr good? Members of this site are active users so that they are satisfied. If you look for a one-night stand, this is exactly for you.