FuckSwipe Review

August 25, 2023 Laurie Hamilton

All the members of any dating service are to leave a review of FuckSwipe to make sure that this particular dating platform is legit and safe. This one is quite well-known for its immoral deeds and sex intercourses. If a man urgently needs a woman to satisfy his physical needs, he turns to this hookup online dating website. The logo of the dating service speaks for itself. One should be aware of what they sign up for, as there is no step back.

In a Nutshell


Generally speaking, FuckSwipe dating site reviews are left by their users, so that it can be easily understood that these people already support such an idea. The profiles are given even the score to make them look brighter and more attractive. There are lots of girls suggested to you to choose from, as no one can wait. The chat is not a very needed thing here, as it is used just for setting up a so-called date.

Pros and Cons



FuckSwipe.com at a Glance


About FuckSwipe

FuckSwipe dating site has experience in working for 7 years. It has a team, which is mainly oriented at customer support. It used to have a legal department, but, nowadays, there is no need for it. The development team of this hookup dating platform works on design and improvements, however, very slowly. It was initially created for long-term purposes, but users themselves began to post inappropriate photos and no one objected. Thus, it turned out to be a dating service where you can find a person for a one-night stand.

How Does FuckSwipe Work?

It works in the way that as soon as you do FuckSwipe login, you are offered some of the girls to chat with. The more you fill in your profile, the more accurate suggestions are. You can indicate your piercings, children, or tattoos, and that already influences what women you will see on the Home Page.

While browsing the dating website and getting ready for texting with someone, you can indicate your mood describing it with one smile. Girls see them, so that it may be a very good ground for further conversation. For example, when you are flirty, they do already understand what you are aiming at.


Before getting up to the signup process, Fuckswipe reviews remind users to agree to some conditions. When they spend too much time contemplating whether they agree or not, the timer can go off. The process itself should not pose any difficulties. Location is auto-filled, but, still, you can indicate something else. You are also to note that the registration will require you to type your phone number and email. Both are not checked, however, you can indicate someone else’s and they will get notifications for you.

Search & Profile Quality

Search fields are typically dating website’s fields. Here, you can indicate just general information, if you do not want to use an advanced one for time not to be wasted. Thus, it is a very quick process. There is a function of saving your preferences so that you are not supposed to type all the information once again.

Profiles give us the full picture. When you visit someone’s page, you can see whether she is online or not. You can immediately Start chat, but, first of all, look through the information. There is a wall where one posts their thoughts, photos, and video tabs. Moreover, you can see how many flirts a girl has received, which will give you an idea of how popular she is.


Is FuckSwipe safe and is Fuck Swipe legit? These two things are intertwined. This online hookup dating website does not use a high-quality encrypted system. However, it still exists. Moreover, your data can be disclosed to parent companies and you initially agree to that. Fuckswipe, thus, recommends everyone to read the Privacy Policy, where members can find a lot of interesting and helpful information. In some respect, you are responsible for your safety as well. So the dating site gives some advice about how a user is to behave. The very simple thing is not to disclose your private information to the third party.

Help & Support

The truth about FuckSwipe is that they think that all the work is already done. There are some questions answered in advance. So, the time spent on customer support is reduced sufficiently. The main questions are regarding profile and account management. Thus, users can find the answer there. However, it is understandable that you cannot cover all the [email protected] is the email that you can contact through to get a response. However, the dating service does not work on the weekends and around the clock. Thus, you are to take into account the time zone.

Prices & Plans

With the standard free plan, you get only a little. You are not allowed to view all the accounts on the website. You cannot chat endlessly. Some of the functions are still unavailable. Thus, to get access to online video chats and be able to upload whatever number of photos you want. Moreover, you can use a matching system. The price is not so high. The payment method is via Visa or MasterCard. There is no other possible way as it is typically oriented in Europe and the USA.


What is FuckSwipe? It is a great hookup dating website. It was one of the first to introduce this sort of dating to the Internet. Men are completely satisfied with everything this dating service offers. When they feel dejected or demotivated by the behavior of one girl, they resort to watching films for adults.