Trustworthy Hinge Review

August 25, 2023 Laurie Hamilton

Relationships with other people are not easy because both people are complex. Of course, things would be a little easier if they met just for a good time. But choosing a partner for a serious relationship or marriage is very difficult. And you are well aware of this because, over the years, you have not been able to find the perfect girl. Some ladies had pleasant appearances, but a bad temper, and others did not share your interests and life values.


But today, searching for the perfect partner has become much easier thanks to modern technology. There are many online dating sites where charming ladies are ready for dialogue. But it is important to take the right first step and choose a reliable platform that will make the path to happiness pleasant, convenient, and efficient. Analyzing dozens of companies can take a long time, so we decided to help you. In our review, we will talk about what is Hinge, its features, and its advantages. This will help you be more productive.

What Is Hinge?

Perhaps our review should start with the history of the company. The service started five years ago by opening a legal office in New York. The company tried to create a quality alternative to Tinder, where the emphasis is on the number of profiles. Here, the user can pay attention to those profiles he likes and start a pleasant conversation after mutual sympathy.

Also, the platform took care of the convenience of customers by creating a high-quality website with a nice design and clear functionality. Therefore, even inexperienced users can quickly find the desired section and become the company’s customers. Such attention to detail has earned us a good reputation – on the net, and we have met many positive Hinge reviews from real users. Today, the site has more than five million registered members who are actively communicating and ready for new experiences.

Hinge main page

Pros and Cons of the Hinge Dating Site

Of course, each company has its peculiarities of work. And it is important to pay attention to all the details when choosing a platform because some virtues may be key to you. Someone prefers maximum security, a user-friendly interface, and a mobile application and relies on popularity. In this section of the review, we go into all the details, allowing you to understand what is



Overall Hinge Rating

A company’s overall rating is made up of a dozen different parameters. The platform may provide a high level of security but not focus on the quality of service. Or offer good functionality, but have a mediocre design. Therefore, you need to analyze each factor and pay attention to those important details. In this review section, we have ranked every aspect of the Hinge website.

Hinge features

Is Hinge Legit?

The question, “is Hinge legit” is asked by many potential clients. After all, they need to find a partner for a serious relationship and not become a victim of a scammer. Therefore, the focus is on the aspect of legality and security. And here we can praise the company. After all, the site belongs to a large corporation Hinge Inc., registered at 508 LaGuardia Place, NYC, New York, 10012. Customers cooperate with real service, and local laws protect their interests.

Also, we want to note the concern for the safety of customers. This is one of the priorities of the platform. Hinge dating website uses the most modern systems to effectively resist account hacking. For example, SSL protocols use complex dynamic code that cannot be guessed. This means that the scammer will not get access to your data.

Moreover, security staff monitors the quality of the site. Yes, we found some fake profiles here, but remember the number of users (over five million). Therefore, mathematics and statistics are on the side of Hinge.

What Is the Registration Process?

The first step to enjoyment starts with registering on the site. This option is available free of charge to all adult customers. So, you get access to the free functionality of the site, and you can understand how does Hinge work. The registration procedure is simple and takes only a few minutes. In our review, we give you detailed instructions.

  1. Visit the official website of the company and click the registration button located at the top of the site;
  2. Now, you need to specify personal information. The company needs to know your age, gender, country of residence, sexual orientation, and email address, and also create a password to enter your account;
  3. The next step is to agree to the company’s rules. We recommend that you carefully read all service documents – here you will find important information about the responsibility of the company and the possibilities of users;
  4. Check your email and open a new email. Follow the welcome link to become a new customer.

Well, you have now completed the Hinge sign up process and have access to the free features. But we recommend depositing to get even more tools for communicating with charming girls.

Hinge app

Some Interesting Facts About Hinge

Before starting a Hinge account, you need to find as much useful information about the company as possible. After all, each platform has its characteristics and offers unique features. We can note the following options worthy of your attention.

Also, we recommend paying attention to important statistical indicators made through the client base analysis.

Are There Real Matches on Hinge?

We continue to tell the truth about Hinge in our review. A registered user gets the opportunity to view the profiles of other members. More than five million customers are registered on the site, and more than 500 thousand users visit the page daily. The first important piece of advice we give you is to complete your profile. We recommend that you go through the verification procedure – so other participants will be sure they are communicating with a real person. Also, on the personal page, there is a special field “about me” – fill in this block. Tell us about your character, habits, life values ​​, and how you see an ideal relationship. Well-detailed and verified profiles have improved search visibility. So other members can write to you first.

Also, Hinge members can view photos and information about charming girls for free. You can read comments on them, find out the current status of a woman, etc. It is worth saying that we found several fake profiles with fake photos. Therefore, we recommend that you communicate only with verified clients – this way, you can be sure that you will meet a real girl on a date.

Hinge success stories

Is Hinge Easy to Use?

User convenience is one of the company’s top priorities. Therefore, the Hinge dating site has a bright design, understandable even to an inexperienced user. All buttons are clear, and the application works quickly even in conditions of a weak Internet signal. Also, on the site, you can find special tips to help you act more efficiently.

And one of the most important and effective tools when looking for a partner is Hinge free search, which offers the client many filters. The user can specify those parameters of a potential partner that are important to him. This is the city of residence, age, distance to the partner, race, religion, etc. And premium members can also indicate height, having children, attitudes towards a serious relationship, level of education, political views, smoking, etc.

We recommend that you specify all the important parameters so the search will work as efficiently as possible. And then, you can explore potential matches and start chatting online with the girl you like. Hinge site claims an advanced matchmaking algorithm – you are eight times more likely to build a harmonious relationship with a matched partner.

How Much Does Hinge Cost?

This is an important section of the review because we will discuss the cost of a Hinge subscription here. Yes, you can use the app for free and even send messages. But the maximum set of benefits becomes available after purchasing a premium account. After all, a VIP client can send an unlimited number of likes, set up additional filters, get access to advanced statistics, etc. The company offers an auto-renewal feature and cooperates with reliable payment processors. So, deposit replenishment will be safe and convenient. Several options are available.

For example, Hinge cost $9.99 per month, $20.97 per 3 months, and $29.94 per 6 months. Moreover, customers can use “roses” that give an improved rating, and sending a rose allows you to interest a potential partner. The platform gives away a free rose every Sunday, but you can purchase them with money. The cost of 3 flowers is $9.99, 12 is $29.98, and 50 is $74.5.

What’s more, there’s also the option to purchase Hinge Boost. According to the platform, 40 times more members will see your profile. One boost costs $9.99, but you can save money by purchasing several. In this case, the price would be $23.97 (3 boosts) or $39.95 (5 boosts).

Are There Any Free Features?

Also, the service offers customers access to some free features. You can simply Hinge log in to your account and use any of the available tools. For example, new customers can use free search filters. This allows you to find like-minded people by indicating their gender, city of residence, age, race, and religion. The search program will quickly select the best matches.

Also, the option to view the profiles of other users is free. Here you can see photos of charming girls and read about their character, life guidelines, and how they see an ideal relationship. Thanks to this information, it turns out to understand what the real relationship with the chosen partner will be like.

And most importantly – you can see who sent you likes and send messages to mutual matches. This means that Hinge helps members find love even without using a credit card, which is very convenient. But we still recommend that you pay attention to purchasing a premium account – it is inexpensive and gives you access to important additional benefits.

Hinge help center

Customer Support

Also, in our review of Hinge, we discuss various aspects of the company’s work. And many potential users are interested in the quality of the support service. The company tries to create optimal conditions for the user and make his experience as positive as possible. Therefore, professional support service is ready to help at any time.

A hotline telephone (+1 800 952 5210) is available for communication with the company’s employees, so the client can get quick help and answers to urgent questions. Moreover, the participant can use email ([email protected]). This is a great option if you need to attach documents and some screenshots. According to user reviews, the support team is courteous and professional.

Is Hinge Worth It?

This is the final part of the review, where we will answer the question – “is Hinge good.” The company is officially registered in the United States and operates under local laws. The interests of clients are reliably protected. Moreover, the platform uses the most modern technologies to guarantee reliable protection against hacking. And having many active customers increases the chances of finding the perfect match. A high-quality search algorithm that considers a long list of parameters helps make matchmaking as efficient as possible. And the presence of additional unique features and boosts gives additional tools. And do not forget about a convenient and well-optimized mobile application. Hinge’s final review rating is 8.8/10.