LiveToLives Review – Can It Be Called the Best Live Chat?

August 25, 2023 Laurie Hamilton

Unlike in the past, people today want to experience first-hand sexual intimacy instead of watching recorded porn videos. Did you know that you can see a porn star or a model live for you? You can also pay coins to instruct them to do what you want. Thanks to the latest technology, you can do all this while sitting at home and drinking coffee. There are webcam sites designed only for live-cam sex. You will find sexy models who are more than ready to perform for you. One thing you should pay attention to is the problem of fake profiles. Most live cam sites faced the challenge of having false profiles for a long time.


If you are looking for a real live cam site, don’t go too far; try LiveToLives chats. You don’t have to interact with anyone on the website if you don’t want to. You can only enjoy watching sexy naked models doing incredible things for all of you for free. The site has models of every type. You can be sure that you will find the model that suits your needs. Keep reading our review and learn all the truth about LiveToLives.


Pros and Cons of LiveToLives

Sexcam sites offer many advantages, starting with the possibility of dialogue with thousands of people throughout the world. Internet users on these sites simply want to chat and have a good time while showing –possibly – their bodies in front of the webcam. It is, therefore, a very good way to heat each other and start sexting or talking to the microphone to transform these moments into real hot experiences. 

Secure dating sites for adults and webcam chat sites offer a lot of services to improve communication and facilitate the creation of complicit relationships between users, and the LiveToLives website is not an exception. 

In addition, web platforms usually bring together a big community, which makes it possible to meet as many people that share your preferences in the same space. Some sites even make sure to bring users together according to their interests so affinities are created easily.

Advantages 👍Disadvantages 👎
– reviews underline that the website offers its users a variety of models. It has all kinds of models you want.
– LiveToLives reviews say the website offers users fantastic customer support, which is available around the clock and will be happy to help you. It is possible to contact customer support by e-mail.
– Most models disable their free chat functions. This means that you can only access them if you pay.
– The models can sometimes be a bit expensive.
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LiveToLives Live Video Chat: What Can You Expect?

So, how does LiveToLives work? Webcam chats allow registrants to get to know each other by chatting but also by seeing each other. It’s a bit like the modern version of private messages in which you could send photos and communicate on various topics, but with latency between the answers. This time, we can do everything at the same time, and it’s all the more enjoyable! A good chat site with a webcam is a platform where navigation is particularly fluid and where conversations can be held without lag. 

These sites allow you to get to know members who are looking for new friendships, one-night meetings, or love. So you have the choice and can register by telling yourself that you will see what will happen over time. Every second review of LiveToLives says the site is a nice one. The best chat sites are not necessarily paid; it all depends on what you are looking for. If you are looking for new friendships, a free site can do the trick if you respect a few basic security rules (on the net, never trust anyone too much, this is the first rule). Those looking for love or sexier encounters would, on the other hand, do much better registering on paid sites, where security and privacy are more important. Is LiveToLives good? Although this platform is a pretty new one, users like it. Let’s take a look at several reviews.

“I started using the platform yesterday, and I can’t keep my eyes off it! There are so much hot ladies here!”

John, 35

“Guys, I don’t know a better way to spend my free time. It drives me crazy.”

Stephen, 29

“Communication is incredibly pleasant here. Any topics, full confidentiality: I give it a thumbs up!”

Lukas, 40

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Start Chatting Process at LiveToLives

The LiveToLive video chat room is really easy to understand and intuitive. First of all, there is a chat roulette that you can use for free. Then, there is an option of choosing between models. Be attentive, as the majority of them require VIP membership. 

LiveToLives users enjoy chat roulette very much: LiveToLives video chat roulette makes it possible to connect with other users in real-time easily. The connection is really quick. All you have to do is to go through registration before. 

Speaking about user quality, different hotties can be found here. Once you have created your LiveToLives account, you can take a look at them and connect with those online at the moment (it’s free). There are stunning ladies with big butts, slender gym ladies ready for communication of different types, etc. There are also ladies of different nationalities, including Latinas, Asians, Afro-Americans, and more.

Every time you open the LivesToLives chat cam, at least ten ladies are usually available. Yes, some other sites offer more impressive numbers, but, as we have mentioned, the LivesToLives chat site is pretty new, so it needs some more time to develop. 

LiveToLives top chats

LiveToLives Usability

It is free to register on the website, which is quick and uncomplicated. But to access the majority of ladies, be ready to pay: LiveToLives reviews show it vividly. Free members can access the models’ live cameras and see how they perform (as a rule, public chat rooms include talking and flirting only). However, if you want to use other functions, you must purchase the coins. The LiveToLives free site offers better access to your favorite models or porn stars. Reviews say it offers reliable security measures to ensure that everyone on the site is safe. It also offers users convenient payment options and a free trial.

The truth about the site is that it has one of the fastest and easiest registration processes. You can choose whether you want to use the site with or without registration. However, if you want to get in touch with the models and enter private chat rooms, you must register. The interface has made it easier for you to register. You only enter your username, e-mail address, and password. For security reasons, the site first checks your e-mail address to make sure you are a real person.

LiveToLives usability

Special Features of LiveToLives

We have explored various adult entertainment services. A huge number of those look a little bit vulgar: once you enter, you see titties, asses, and other body parts. But this strategy has nothing to do with LiveToLives: reviews underline that it looks really decent. You won’t see anything too intimate on the first page. It just offers you to join and shows several attractive photos of half-naked girls.

Is LiveToLives legit? Is LiveToLives safe? The answer is indeed positive to both. Let’s now take a look at several interesting features this platform offers (according to reviews).

  1. Availability at any time. No matter when you want to use the platform: there will always be someone waiting for you.
  2. No payment is needed. There is no need to pay for registration or to take a look at the girls present.
  3. Anonymity. You can avoid giving personal information and remain completely anonymous. Just a nickname is needed. 

LiveToLives Pricing Policy

Let’s now take a look at LiveToLives cost: this point interests every person willing to become a LiveToLives member. There is a coin system on the platform. Immediately after the registration, you get 370 LiveToLives free coins you can use to connect with people. 

Speaking about video call prices, 600 coins = 1-minute random LiveToLive video call. If you want to become a VIP, you will get additional 950 coins. To text or call top streamers, you have to be a VIP member. You can also go for a trial! It costs about a dollar per week. Then, you will have to pay $9.99/week with automatic renewal until you cancel it. With your $9.99 weekly subscription, you will get 3900 coins/week + access to the video/chat with TOP profiles. You can cancel it anytime.

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For Beginners: Some More Information About Webcam Sites

A webcam site is, as its name suggests, a platform on which meetings are made in direct ways and with the help of webcam videos. We can be connected with sexy models and amateurs easily using portals of this type.

The Advantages of Meeting Someone via a Webcam Site

Webcam sites are a great success, and this is not without reason. Because they are much simpler to use than a classic site, they mainly allow you to have a direct visual of the person with whom you are going to communicate with. 

It is similar to speed dating or a classic meeting that we could do in real life around a cup of coffee on the terrace. In addition, and in most cases, these platforms allow you to meet someone faster because we avoid steps such as profile search, first contact, and communication.

The Different Types of Webcam Sites

There are two main categories of sites intended for webcam dating and having fun; all three have advantages and disadvantages. They do not necessarily offer the same thing, but above all, have different objectives or interests.

  1. Live webcams. Live webcam sites, generally also found under the name webcam porn, are sites where men and women then come for a purely sexual purpose. In other words, here we come to flirt directly with the person, show ourselves, and have fun.
  2. The chat cams. Chats with a webcam are much more classic. First of all, these are salons where you can first discuss in writing to get to know each other and then go to the webcam. They are intended rather for shy people and for those who are in a hurry.
LiveToLives vip account

How to Choose Your Webcam Site?

Depending on your motivations to go to a webcam platform, you will obviously not choose the same site and would not make the same use of it. If you just want to have a good time, you can opt for one of the two types of cams mentioned above. In case you are looking to flirt or want to have a little porn encounter, use one of the sex cam sites. Finally, in case you are looking for a romantic relationship, we will favor classic chat sites.

In any case, before choosing your dating webcam portal, you will have to make sure that it meets several criteria. On the one hand, the general appearance and interface must be pleasant and easy to use. 

Finally, the last interesting point is the cost and rates if there are subscription formulas. Some webcam sites are paid, while others are free. Note, however, that the majority of adult cams are paid!

10 Best Adult Webcam Sites – Top Sex Cams


Is LiveToLives cam chat worth it? We are convinced it is! A nice and intuitive interface, lots of ladies, and affordable prices make this portal a decent choice.


What Is the Purpose of LiveToLive?

Is LiveToLives new? This platform is a pretty new one, that's true. It has a goal similar to services of this type: it makes it possible for people to have fun without going anywhere. The goal is to connect viewers with models for both to enjoy. Live chats can also help solve plenty of other problems.

How Do I Create A LiveToLive Profile?

As we have mentioned, you can utilize the platform without the necessity of profile creation. But if you still want to do it, it won't take longer than about five minutes: you have to come up with your nickname, provide birth data, and verify your profile through an e-mail.

What Are the Rules of A LiveToLive?

There are no strict rules here. When communicating, be polite and respectful. Also, remember that access is prohibited for underage individuals.

Can I Join More Than One LiveToLive?

When you register, providing an e-mail address is required. So, you won't manage to create several profiles using the same address. And what's the point?

Is LiveToLives a Scam or Not?

Although the platform is a new market player, nobody can call it a scam. There are many real models (they make up the majority of ladies); one can rarely see professional pornstars here. So you can use it without worries: people like it.

Is it Possible to Use LiveToLives For Free?

It is! But if you want to add members to friends, you must be a VIP member. As a free member, you can take a look at ladies who are online at the moment.

What Payment Methods are Available on LiveToLives?

Google Pay, Apple Pay, and banking card payments are available. Everything is secure here, and the price is reasonable, so you can safely give it a try.