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LocalHookUp Review

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LocalHookup dating site reviews should have a right to exist as it is the brightest picture you may look at to understand what the website represents. This one is typically for love affairs which are not going to lead to matrimony. There are lots of women who are too slutty to be perfect for marriage. LocalHookup online dating platform is not the top site, but it is worth at least paying attention to.

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In a Nutshell

LocalHookup is a platform that is very strict in its demands. First of all, you are not to be under 18, which, in some countries, corresponds to 21. Secondly, there are always notifications for you to confirm your identity. When you would not like to do this, your account may be blocked. However, the truth about LocalHookup is that, in the beginning. you can indicate fake email or number which is not traced.

Pros and Cons


  • Notifications
  • Statistics
  • Text messages
  • Search field


  • is not safe enough
  • expensive
  • too many slutty girls at a Glance

  • Age: not allowed under 18
  • Country: any you want
  • Notifications by email: switched on

About LocalHookup

Local hookup login is possible only if you agree with some rules. To ensure safety, the dating website warns about some consequences in advance. LocalHookup reviews insist that this service is legit, however, some doubts still may arise. Since it is created for sex intercourse relations, it cannot regard itself as very much secure. In general, it does not have a 10-year history to hand some bulletproof arguments, as it has been launched recently.

How Does LocalHookup Work

LocalHookup dating site has a very similar design to other hookup services. The mainline is typically divided into 9 active buttons which you are not looking for. These cover everything you need in using this service.

You can also see people online. That mitigates the process in the way to communicate. 10 that you see immediately are selected due to some factors. They comply with what you want to see in your partner. The other aspect is their social score on the website. For you to be displayed on top, you may get some points with your activity, money, and popularity among others. The more you interact with another person, the highest score you acquire.

As soon as you got the title of the social score leader, you will be the first people to see on that page. Thus, they may quickly find you to send a wink, make connections, or start chatting. However, to send them a message, you are to be at least a Silver Member of the website.


Before leaving a review of LocalHookup, you should sign up on your own. It does not take a lot of time and maybe conducted without email or phone registration.

Your password is to be secure, but even though, there are no strict limitations such as that it is to contain a capital letter, number, etc. One is to provide an existent email address, however, no one checks here. One can even make up. Later on, it can cause some troubles, but as for the beginning, it is good.

Search & Profile Quality

To start looking for by some of your preferences, you are to click on the very last option in the line. There you may filter by various aspects. However, even advanced search does not offer a lot. Is LocalHookup good at profiles? It must be mentioned that profile can be edited all the time and it is a must to do so. It is recommended that a member uploads a new picture once a month. If not, Local Hookup com may consider you to be suspicious.


Is LocalHookup legit? Yes. When one asks the following question: “is LocalHookup safe?” Not always. The response is to be immediately followed by one remark. It is not the fault of the website.

One should not disclose any sort of private information concerned themselves or any other person to third parties. Moreover, the service can use this data and share it with its parent companies, etc. All of this is indicated in the Privacy Policy. Thus, no law-breaking from their perspective takes place.

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Help & Support

Help is represented through some questions sorted by groups by a topic, e.g. Profile Questions, Photo Questions, or Search Questions, as well. You may use the magnifying glass button to search for the specific question you are interested in. In case, the search results are invalid, you can write to the administration directly. The office does not work around the clock, so expect a delay in answer. Still, one may fill in the form or contact via email at [email protected]

Prices & Plans

With the free membership, you can do a limited number of functions. Among them is just free registration, browsing the website, and reviewing various partners. However, chatting and other advantages you can get only with the first payment. What does the Gold Membership give?

  • An endless number of photos you can upload to the website
  • Exchanging emails with someone
  • Live video chatting
  • Text messaging
  • Advanced searching

You may try a 3-day trial. However, online service does not recommend it.


What is LocalHookup? It is an online dating platform that is famous for its great matching system. If you have been looking for the perfect place to hook up a girl for short-term relationships. It is okay when people do want to feel free in relationships and not obliged to anyone.

Expertise: Sex, dating, marriage, family life.

Laurie Hamilton started her professional life as a primary school teacher. She was happy to work with children, teenagers, and young adults. She worked at various schools and accompanied many families and teachers by consulting on family or relationships problems. After a few years of teaching, she continued her education in psychology. Having devoted several years of life to this profession, Laurie is a specialist who hears people and feels their inner state.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Notifications Do I Get via Email?

You can manage this on the account settings page. However, by default, there are some settings which unless you do change them will trigger some email notifications. Thus, initially, people get from Localhookup a message about some changes in price lists, the time when their account becomes suspended as a result of failed payment when someone likes you, adds to favorite lists, or makes any other actions with your profile. Besides, the service finds some news urgent, so that you will be notified about it as well. In case you do not make your mailbox too full of the unneeded message, you are to untick some of the things which you do not wish to be informed about.

Can I Edit the Information I Inserted About Myself?

Localhookup enables this function as it understands that members may mistype something and notice it later. In this case, they may click on the “edit profile”. Right there all the fields that can be edited will be available. Make sure you have saved your changes by clicking on the button.

Can I Change My Password on

Yes, you can. This can be done via Account settings in the upper right corner. There you will find a box with the option to change the password. Clicking on updating your profile you confirm your new password.

Can I Change My Name? usually cannot let it be changed as it mines the truth. You can try to submit a special request to alter it, however, the odds are low. When you provide serious reasons, the administration can look through this question.

Can I Make My Photos Private?

Some members do not want their pictures in public access and ugly men to see them. Thus, the website has enabled it to be invisible. To make it, one is to go a certain photo and click on ‘manage photos”. There, you may edit the settings for the particular picture.

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