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August 25, 2023 Laurie Hamilton

In a Nutshell

I was searching for a classy adult dating site when I came across After signing up, I found that it has a vast number of singles, couples, and groups looking for a casual hookup. Also, it is available in different countries, and joining was free, fast, and hassle-free.

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Membership strength: 36, 000, 000
Daily membership activity: 60, 000
Gender proportion: female 80% male 20%

About Site

It is best to start a review with a description of the website. Passion is an online adult dating site designed for singles, couples, and groups to express their sensual and sexual desires and find people of like mind willing to explore with them. While most hookup sites are famous for their explicit videos and imagery, this website teases your senses with lustful and erotic images.

It has a vast number of female members, outnumbering the men. Unlike most dating sites, it cuts across several countries, including the United States, Canada, France, Thailand, and the United Kingdom. The members are active daily, and are quick to respond when they find a match, or get contacted for a hookup.

This review can attest to the fact that this dating site does not discriminate against gender identification or sexual orientation. Everyone is welcome and allowed to express themselves without judgment. It is safe to say that there is someone for everyone on Passion.

How Does Work

Comprehensive reviews will always cover how the site works. Like most websites in the adult dating world, Passion starts with the signup process before you start building your profile, and enjoying the benefits of the site.

Note that as mentioned earlier, most of the features and benefits of the site is “Locked” behind a membership plan. Thus you won’t be able to accomplish much until you get a membership plan. After getting one, you’ll have access to the profile of other members of the site; you’ll be able to look at photos, watch videos, and chat as your heart desires.

Also, the dating site has a robust desktop version that offers you better features than the mobile site. While the former has a “My stuff” section that shows your history on the site, including those you’ve conversed, and hooked up with, the latter condenses things in a way that you only get to see the things you are up to in real-time.

The mobile version helps you focus on the “Now” and has notification bars that let you know when you’ve received a message. It also provides a detailed chart with information on how to earn points, the total number earned, and how to redeem the points. The latter can be either highlighting your profile, free subscription, t-shirt, or a massager.

How to Register on reviews always explain the registration process, and the first thing I would like to say is that it is free, fast, and comfortable. Registering on the website takes about 2 to 3 minutes, and those below the age of 18 cannot sign up. Facebook login is also not used as a means of registration, and the site will not ask you to grant it access to your profile.

At the signup point, the first two things the website will ask you for is the gender you identify with. Next, you are required to fill in your sexual orientation preference(s), location, and birthday. The purpose of the last two is to verify that you are of legal age, and to send you the profiles of members in your location.

Passion will also require a valid email address where a confirmation link will get sent. You’ll access the link via your email and click on it to gain entry into the site and complete your registration. At this point, you’ll provide extra information like your body size, race, and marital status. You can skip filling in those details, but it is best to give the info as it takes you one step closer to your hookup and help you get a suggestion of people who share your interests.

Note that the email provided is what you’ll use for subsequent login, and it is advisable to use a “Strong” password and avoid sharing it with anyone.

Search and Profile Quality of

People often ask: is good with their profile quality, and searches, and I always answer yes. While many dating sites offer one thing but provide another, this website is different. It promises you sophistication, delivers the same, and has a “What’s hot” feature where the top-ranking profiles get featured.

A profile is only as “Great” as the information you put into it; always remember that there are a lot of people looking for the same things as you, so devote time to making your profile worth remembering. Also, use a photo that highlights your best features and makes you look sexy and alluring. Note that photos get reviewed by a regulatory body, so use what is appropriate based on rules.

This review of will not be comprehensive if I don’t mention that you have to be a gold member to browse through profiles thoroughly. A standard member will only get a sneak peek, without enough information to determine whether the owner of the profile is worth pursuing.

The search feature, on the other hand, is available to everyone. You can carry out a simple search based on age, location, and sex, or an advanced search using sexual preferences. The search feature helps you find a hookup fast and eliminate the stress of going through several profiles.

Safety of

The truth about Passion is that it has one of the best security encryptions in the online dating scene. It uses 256-bit Secure Socket Layer encryption and a Web Server Certificate. The website respects the privacy of its members, and will not voluntarily divulge their information to a third party.

Help and Support

Before I joined this dating site, I asked: how does work when it comes to customer support? And as I discovered, the answer is “Efficiently.” With a 24 hours staff available all year-round, there’s no room for delayed answers to questions or unresolved issues. Everything gets done expediently, and the staff is eager to help.

Prices and Plans

At this point, if you’ve ever wondered: is safe to put my credit card information? You know the answer. Your credit information is secure, and the membership plans and services are affordable. Let’s take a look at them:

For gold membership, you pay:

For private chat rooms, you pay:

For an adult movie, you pay:

For points, you pay:


The fear of getting scammed brought about the question: Is legit? And I believe that I’ve been able to answer that. The website is real, offers you value for your money, and will give you the best online dating experience of your life.