What Is POF? – A Complete PlentyOfFish.com Review 

August 25, 2023 Laurie Hamilton

This is a Canadian-based dating site. It is one of the large dating sites in the world. Plenty Of Fish was founded by Mr Frind, who had a background in tech. Until 2008 he ran the site solely. The site continues to grow rapidly, and it is reported that it normally garners about 2 billion page views in a week.


That is an indication that Plenty Of Fish users are getting what they want from the platform. The website generally gets 3million new logins every day. According to various Plenty Of Fish reviews many meaningful hookups and long-term relationships have blossomed here. 

Even though the Plenty Of Fish dating site has been around for a while, it has had its shares of success stories. This review of Plenty Of Fish will give you a deep insight. It will determine whether it is a dating site worth it’s salt or not. 

Previously, the site didn’t put any barriers, giving the members a freehold. That made it a hub for a lot of fake accounts and spammers. Individuals who were looking for a quick fix also found it an easy target dating site. However, a few years ago, the Plenty Of Fish website went through a thorough makeover. The Plenty Of Fish site rebranded its logo and changed the messages they were using for marketing. 

So is Plenty Of Fish legit? Well, this PlentyOfFish.com review will lay all bare about this dating site. After the rebranding and all the changes that Plenty Of Fish support staff did, was there any noticeable change? Definitely yes. The Plenty Of Fish site looks much better. Apart from how it looks, even the marketing message that they changed sounds better. It gives its members the assurance that the support staff are doing everything they can to ensure that their experience at Plenty Of Fish is enjoyable and fruitful.

Plenty of Fish main page

The Pros And Cons Of Plenty Of Fish Dating Website



The Plenty Of Fish app doesn’t have a video chat function. This may limit the members from exploring the full potential of the connections made at the site.

The free version is not worth writing home about since it has limited features. It is also filled with ads most of the time.

Who Are Plenty Of Fish Users?

This dating app is best suited for older/mature people. Since it has been around for a while, the younger people may not be able to fully flow with its concept. That is due to its traditional way of doing things. Nonetheless, that means that one is likely to find a connection looking for a long-term and serious person. 

Plenty Of Fish dating site is also great for people who don’t want to spend their money on a dating site. They will be able to try out the app and figure out if that is something that they can pursue.

If you are a user who is still younger, you may not be able to match up with a fellow young guy.

It could get annoying for anyone who doesn’t like unnecessary ads popping up every few moments.

If you want someone who is looking for deeper-level connections, you don’t want anything to delay your journey. 

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Plenty Of Fish Ratings 

Category Score
Features 7/10 
Quality Matches 6/10
Costs on the app7/10
Customer Support 7.5/10
Easy Usage of App9/10 

Plenty Of Fish Features

So how does plenty of fish work? From the features, you will understand better how this platform works. Here are some features to note.

Priority Messages

This feature helps the Plenty Of Fish users to push their messages to the top of the pile. This assures the user that the person they are chatting with will be able to see their messages and reply in time. For you to use this feature, you will need a token. That is Plenty Of Fish website currency that can be bought for $2.

Meet me 

Plenty Of Fish users are able to enjoy a feature called meet me. This is like a speed date. For you to have a meet me, you need to choose a photo of a single potential that you are interested in. Swipe right for a chance to have face to face meet-up.

The feature is simple and straight to the point, which is great for any user.


PlentyOfFish.com has also gone digital by making use of streaming apps. The apps like YouTube and Twitch are used to help users connect with their potential matchups. This fun and easy way to meet and chat has attracted younger users who are digitally savvy. It helps them know people they fancy fast, and if it doesn’t turn out as expected, they will end it fast. It helps them not to waste too much time on unnecessary connections.

Plenty Of Fish is a dating site. It was started in 2003 to cater to single lonely individuals who wanted to make romantic or friendship connections with others. The site won a multiple-user award in 2021.

This is because the clientele at Plenty Of Fish tends to be loyal to the site. The site has a limited free trial period that one can use to check if they feel at home. The site has more than a 100million members in its database.

This number shows clearly how popular the Plenty Of Fish dating site has been. It has garnered a rating of 4.2 stars on the Apple store. It has more than1.5million reviews on Google play. The site got a huge rebrand in 2019 so that it could put up measures to protect its users and give them better service. The site’s charges are quite affordable for anyone who wants to join the Plenty Of Fish family.

Plenty of Fish features

Plenty Of Fish App

Plenty Of Fish Account Support Options 

As earlier noted, this website has come a long way. The technical support has made it easy for Plenty Of Fish members to navigate through the website. As a user, you will find great tech aid within minutes.

The technical team has gone out of their way and made video tutorials that help out members when in need. The only bummer is that there is a direct contact option for the technical team. If you want to ask about something, you are required to send an email and wait for a response.

Plenty Of Fish Subscription

You can interact with others on this dating app without payment as a member. However, you need to have a subscription if you want unlimited access to other potential profiles.

This is the Plenty Of Fish cost for you to enjoy premium services:

These rates will enable you to get premium service day or night.

Plenty of Fish app

Plenty Of Fish Sign Up

Plenty Of Fish has an app that one can use to sign up through. If you haven’t downloaded the app, the website is another easy and fast way to sign up.

Below is the simple process of signing up for the Plenty Of Fish website

Plenty Of Fish Log in

You simply need to the website or app and tap on it. You will be required to put your user password. Once that is done, you can interact with a potential hook-up. It is an easy and straightforward log-in that you do anywhere and at any time. You can also use any device that you want.

Plenty of Fish success stories


So is Plenty Of Fish good? Well, by now you can answer that thanks to the above review. This site has stood the test of time, making it one of the older dating sites around on the internet. With a dating app like Plenty Of Fish available for you, there is no reason to be single and lonely. The dating site has had success stories of people meeting up and falling in love and eventually tying the knot.

There are people who made long-lasting friendships from the site that they couldn’t have experienced if they didn’t get the courage to sign up. Remember to get the monthly subscriptions so that you can enjoy the full experience that the site has to offer now that you know the truth about Plenty Of Fish.