Top Trustworthy Bisexual Hookup Apps

January 30, 2023 Laurie Hamilton

Bisexual sex preferences are often erased depending on who the person is in a sexual relationship with right now. Although sexual diversity tendencies began half a century ago, the visibility of bisexuals is still weak. The reason is the fact that bisexuals find it challenging to bring out their erotic and hookup preferences to a broad range of people.


While there are plenty of dating sites made for heterosexuals and separately for lesbians and gays, a bisexual hookup seems left out of the picture. Mostly, they are referred to as a category of BDSM, sex fetishes, and so on. Here, bisexual hookup dating sites come to the rescue, which provides B-people a space free from sexual prejudices and the need to explain or prove something.


All About Bisexual Hookup

If you are new to a bisexual hookup sexual activity, then trying out dating platforms is a good start. Because they give you opportunities to get to know yourself better to meet others in an easy and stressless way. You may set off with simple chatting, and then it may grow into a genuine hookup or dating.

“Why would one go to a bisexual hookup platform, while there are tons of options of dating services?” you may wonder. The thing is, in modern sexual life, despite the celebration of the diversity of preferences, bisexuals are still mistakenly perceived as something averaged between gays and heterosexuals. Not to mention, many generic hookup sites charge double fees for bisexual users.

Therefore, it is important that there is a platform created with an understanding of the most essential. If a person is capable of experiencing erotic and/or sexual attraction to people of different genders, he or she may define oneself as bisexual. Any identity, including sexual orientation, is always a matter of personal self-determination.

Otherwise, bisexual hookup sites work as usual. You upload your photo, describe your character traits and preferences, adjust the filter parameters, and you can start searching for your bisexual hookup match. You will be able to view photos of users from your location and choose the best ones. You are free to communicate with users via instant messaging and additional chat features.

Best Bisexual Hookup Apps


BiCupid main page

BiCupid is recognized as one of the most popular among the LGBT community and particularly for a bisexual hookup. The platform covers people of common sexual preferences around the world. And it extends its coverage since downloading the app on a device is free. The average age of users is about 30 years old. This age is considered the most sexually active, and you can easily meet a partner for a one-night stand without beating around the bush.

You are allowed to register if you are over 18 years old. It is a common security measure that proves the hookup platform is legit. The thing is, as a member, you may come across some adult content, such as nude photos and videos you can masturbate on. If you know your preferences about the future partner, then you can list them on the site when filling out your profile. You will be able to add profiles that you liked to your favorite list and keep it private. So you know you are safe and sound while using this bisexual hookup app.

BiCupid developers encourage users to exchange their experience of using the app. The service cares about its reputation. Therefore, the devoted team of customer support is there at your service 24/7. The philosophy of the platform is straightforwardness. The app has only one feature for a bisexual chat. Which is convenient since you don’t have to jump over your heat to impress your potential match — communication goes as at regular dating. But how horny and how naughty it can get depends on you.

Bisexual Amino

Bisexual Amino main page

Another top-notch performer in a world of bisexual hookup is Bisexual Amino. The design of this application is very minimalistic, and you can easily understand all the features of the site. The sophisticated hookup matchmaking algorithm will find you the most suitable partner regarding the preferences in a search section, which you will fill out. A nice significant feature of this application is that it shows how popular your profile is in the app and how many users like it. This fuels interest and heats up the excitement in search of new sexual adventures. You can post various photos on your profile instead of just setting a profile picture.

This bisexual hookup platform is a genuine space to discover your erotic fantasies. It has many different features so you will be surrounded by like-minded people. There is an interesting gift feature that might surprise your hoookup partner. To become more popular, you may create your blog where you can share your bisexual erotic experience and learn interesting facts from other members.

Bisexual men and women organize various bisexual events you can learn about in this app and get notified. Downloading this bisexual hookup app gives you access to a large bisexual database and text messaging.



It is one of the broadest hookup sites for gays, lesbians, and bisexuals. There are about 100,000 active users in the app. Even though it was designed for LGBT users in general, it equally suits a bisexual hookup. The best feature of this app is that it helps you to find people nearby. It makes it easier to meet for a one-night stand. Therefore, your chatting about your porn fantasies won’t remain just written — you can take them into real-life sex.

If you do not want to be in the shade, then you may upload several photos to your profile. An interesting feature of the bisexual hookup app is that you upload photos both accessible for all users and only private ones. As it goes, the app offers two types of albums: public and private. Your secret album will be available only for members you recognize as trustworthy. And it is another point of feeling yourself secure on this hookup platform. The app has no restrictions. Hence, you can experience all kinds of sexual preferences and meet someone to share them with.

You will always be notified of new messages, and you may not have to worry about missing something. You can share photos in live chat, and there are no restrictions either. Don’t be afraid to try something new in your sexual life and have the opportunity to gain an invaluable encounter.

Grizzly app

grizzly-og main page

This platform is the hottest of all bisexual hookup sites. The site offers a variety of services that will help to diversify your sex life and make it even more interesting. You will not be able to view other users’ photos without any emotion because all the photos are special and unique. It has a useful feature for travelers. You may change your location. So, may take your chance of meeting someone not only when you are at home, but also when you are on the go. You may exchange messages of any content and be assured that they will remain completely confidential.

Your profile will be even more secure if you join your bisexual hookup profile with your Facebook profile. All your Facebook data will be available on this dating platform. It’s sort of proof you are chatting with a real person. And you get more genuine information about other users as well. You may find a hookup partner with any features by the special search. This search allows you to determine the type of BDSM and also how open you are to new sexual sensations.

You will be able to choose a partner who is ideally suited to your sexual temperament. You can start a chat with one to find out more about the user and determine if he is real. The interesting fact is that the hookup app was created by a bisexual man who was tired of finding love on the usual hookup sites. Through great effort and potential, this app has become popular with users around the world.

All you have to do is create a profile and fill in information about you. The platform does the rest and takes care of finding the perfect matches. The application has a paid subscription, but you won’t get over the budget by getting access to all the functionality. If you are visiting this app for the first time, then the platform provides a week of free use for you to appreciate the full benefits of instant hookup.


Bisexuality is not half-hearted homosexuality. This is an independent and full-fledged orientation, suggesting that its bearer can be attracted to people of different genders — romantically and/or sexually.  Since sexuality exists on a spectrum, bisexuals are not always attracted to men and women in the ideal 50/50 split. There is no quota of romantic thoughts. If you are in love and sexually attracted to both sexes, then you are probably either bisexual or a person with variable sexuality.

The hookup apps mentioned above are perfect for a mature bisexual hookup. You can join any of them for free and try to get the best sexual hookup experience. With the confidentiality of information, you may always be sure that everything will remain a secret.