AdultFriendFinder Review

August 28, 2023 Laurie Hamilton

In a Nutshell

The Adultfriendfinder site is the go-to platform for people seeking sexual partners. Thanks to its functionality and the millions of people that use it, there is an added surety of finding someone that is just perfect for you.

Overall Ratings: 4.9 out of 5


Partner suggestions: 5
Price-performance: 5
Service: 5
Free features: 4.7
Ease of use: 5
Safety: 4.9

Pros and Cons



Adultfriendfinder At A Glance

Best for: Hookups.
Number of members: approx. 60 million.
Recommended age: 18 – 50.
Favorite features: the effectiveness of the matchmaking feature.

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About Adult Friend Finder

Adultfriendfinder is an online dating site created to aid adults in realizing the dreams of every one of their sexual fantasies.

With this platform, your sexual adventures need not be mere fantasies because there are many other people out there who have similar desires as you and who are equally willing to live out these fantasies.

Adultfriendfinder boasts of about 60 million users, making it inevitable that you will find someone that fits your needs. Who knows, you may even find someone that would meet for a long term relationship.

The site is American and was first established in 1996 with the aim of creating an unbridled platform for adults. Americans predominate the site with a lesser fraction of foreigners making up the total number of its members.

On Adultfriendfinder, there are various modes of communication, and that helps to foster new relationships between members. This ranges between mere text messages to sharing videos.
The platform is also open to all types of arrangements made to cater to every member’s needs. There are a variety of options, so you are free to keep your choices open.

This includes a couple share, polygamy, fuck buddies, monogamy, and many more others. People who are fortunate to find the platform describe it as a special haven to live out their fantasies because it provides an outlet for them to spice up their sex life.

It is almost like adult heaven for couples and singles who are looking for ways to spice up their sex life.

It is most advisable you note that most people that resort to Adultfriendfinder are looking for unique relations. So, don’t feel bereft or at a loss when you encounter other members.

The Adultfriendfinder website does nothing to hide the fact that they are  created to aid “hookups.” If nothing else, that has helped propagate their agenda across the internet and thus increase the number of users as well as guest visits.
On Adultfriendfinder, finding a sexual partner, be it for mere online correspondence or a live meetup is an easy feat. Although this may lower your chances of finding someone for a serious relationship, it doesn’t abolish hopes of finding your soul mate.

There is, however, no use getting signed on to Adultfriendfinder for love when you already know that the people on there are usually after one thing – Sex!

How Does Adultfriendfinder Work

Like most other online platforms created to facilitate meetups, using Adultfriendfinder is quite easy and only requires a basic knowledge of using a computer and maneuvering online platforms.

Being no newbie to dating sites, I found Adultfriendfinder very easy to use and somewhat functional too. While the web layout may seem a bit complex – what dating site isn’t, at first! – it gets more comfortable to use thanks to the clearly outlined instructions.

AdultFriendFinder has all the basic features of a dating site but is even better. It provides you with many mind-blowing features that make your online dating experience more sexual, interactive, and enjoyable.

The website is like the mix of a porn site and dating, which makes it an excellent choice for people who seek to ditch the complexities and formalities that accompany dating.

As a member, you may choose to remain passive and sift through the site or become a full-fledged one that tests out the many offers that have been made available.

There is a wide variety of options ranging from merely browsing the site and creating a to-do list of sorts as I did, to becoming a showrunner and engaging in life-like virtual sex using the Connexion feature!

As expected, these extra features come at a price so that as a non-paying member, you are limited to only making a few contacts, which can be quite frustrating considering the attractive profiles you’ll encounter.

Because you can’t quickly initiate contact as a free member, the trick is to fill out your profile as explicitly as possible and litter it with photos. This will attract other users who may have similar sexual interests as you.

An encounter with a fellow member ranges from meeting the civil and seemingly gentle to the rashly bold. So, be prepared!

Signing Up on AdultFriendFinder

The registration process required to become a member of the Adultfriendfinder community is quite easy.

It only requires filling a basic questionnaire that demands to outline your sexual needs, an alias, age, sex, and other essential information that will help match you up with your dream partner.

The website admin is also available 24/7 to provide you with whatever help and support you may need.

The Quality Of Searches And Profiles On Adultfriendfinder

For an Adultfriendfinder review like mine, it is vital to check out details about membership and even most importantly, the quality of the profiles of users.
There are millions of people signed on to Adultfriendfinder, but like most other online dating sites, there are high chances of encountering a fake profile. This didn’t discourage me because I found that there were just as many other people who were real.

Is Adultfriendfinder A Secured Website?

Before I got signed on to Adultfriendfinder, I found it very crucial to check out how secure it was first, especially considering that it is a  sexual platform.

Sifting through the platform, I encountered the website’s testament to providing security for its members. Almost surprisingly, this turned out to be true.

For a famous site known to propagate casual meetups, the Adultfriendfinder dating site has proven very secure thanks to their reinforced security.

While some reviews may openly shame the presence of a few fake profiles, it is essential to note that it is a common occurrence on most dating sites and should not be a significant deterrent.

After all, there are a million more real profiles!

Prices & Plans

If you’re interested in spending a little more quality time on the site, you may find that becoming a premium user is worthwhile.

You get to enjoy attractive features that Adult Friend Finder has to offer, like sending messages freely, sending videos, and many others.

The membership prices are as follows:

               Period         Total amount   Cost per month

1 Month           $40.00            $40.00
3 Months         $81.00            $27.00
12 Months       $240.00          $20.00


The internet is teeming with numerous hookup services that are either freely accessible or of premium status. As I outlined above, some content on Adultfriendfinder may come at the price of you becoming a premium member.

For people who only seek freebies, there is also a lot to do! Starting on this platform, I wasn’t a premium member, and believe me; I could still access a lot!

For a widely popular website, that is sure impressive! What more, Adultfriendfinder is credible, generally has safe environs, and a team dedicated to helping members find a suitable partner. It is, indeed, worth a trial.