A Review of Fling.com

August 25, 2023 Laurie Hamilton

In a Nutshell: A Review of Fling.com

I came across Fling at a time I was not ready to commit to more than a one-night stand. When I signed up, I found a website that is easy to use, guarantees the safety of my information, and bears no judgment of my sexual preference. Plus, it has flexible pricing.

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Fling.com at a Glance


Membership strength: 3 million
Average weekly activity: 100 000 users
Gender proportion: female 30% male 70%

About Site: All You Need to Know

When writing about a Fling review, it’s prudent to start from the basics, which is what the site is about. As the name connotes, Fling is a website primarily designed for consenting adults who are not interested in happily ever after.

The white picket fence life, which most dating sites offer, is not what this site offers. It is more of an “In and out” no-strings-attached thing, where everyone moves on with their lives afterward. There is no room for emotional entanglements.

Fling has been around for a while, since 2006, and it is well-known in the adult dating scene. It offers men and women with different sexual orientations, and they live in the United States, Russia, or Australia.

This Fling.com review can assure you that there’s no discrimination on the website. Whether you are into threesomes, couple swinging, BDSM, or any other kinky sexual thing, you’ll find a match here. It is a comfortable place, with zero pretentiousness.

  • 9.9

How Does Fling.com Work?

One positive thing about Fling.com reviews is that it gives you an idea into the inner workings of the site. At the homepage, all you’ll get is brief info about the website, mostly an encouragement to sign up.

The real fun and adventure begin after you’ve registered on the site. At this point, the chances of knowing what Fling offers you increase. However, having an account without subscribing to a plan and becoming a paying member is a waste of time and effort.

To truly enjoy the site, you have to take up a subscription plan. Once you do, you’ll be able to view the profiles of other users, send messages, view webcam videos, conduct searches, and the best part is that you’ll be able to arrange a hookup with whomever your heart desires.

Fling.com dating site also gives you X-rated and explicit content that you won’t find on “Normal” dating sites. Note that there is no gift or email feature on this platform, so the former should get done in person for those interested in making a gesture.

  • 9.9

How to Register

There is no review of Fling without mentioning the registration process. Signing up takes about a minute or two, and once again, it is free. The website will require that you put in your gender, preferred gender match, age, zip code, and password.

Ensure you choose a strong password you can remember, and afterward, put in a valid and active email address. Fling will send a confirmation message to your email, and you are to click on the link contained in the mail to return to the site and continue building your profile.

There are three things to note. First, the email and password provided are your Fling login details going forward. Secondly, you don’t have to use your real name on the site; a nickname will suffice. Thirdly, the website is not accessible in every country, thus only those living in places where it is accessible can register.


Search and Profile Quality of Fling.com

The one thing people want to know aside from how does Fling.com works is the search and profile quality. A dating site is only as good as its profile quality, and the latter is very significant.

The profiles of users contain detailed information like age, body type, height, preferences amid others. The design is similar to social media sites and allows users to post updates as often as they want.

Note that as a free user, you are allowed to view profiles, but can’t make contact. There are also text boxes that enable users to go into a more detailed description of their personalities if they choose to.

When it comes to searches, all Fling dating reviews agree that the website has one of the best search features in the business. It has a standard and advanced system. The former allows you to conduct a search based on essential features, while the latter requires more detailed information.

Searches allow you to find those who share your interest stress-free. When you find such person(s), Fling sends a message to them, letting them know of your interest, so that they expect to get a text from you.

  • 9.9

Safety of Fling.com

All prospective users ask: is Fling safe? And the answer is yes. Although nothing in this world is 100% safe, I can guarantee that your information and credit card details used in paying for services on the site, is secured.

The website is committed to ensuring that all profiles are verified, and authentic, and will never under any condition sell the details of their users to a third party.

While many have also wondered: Is Fling.com legit? The website and testimonies of other users guarantee its legitimacy. A Fling would never spam its users, and you are free to stop using the platform once you suspect any foul play.

  • 9.9

Help and Support of Fling

The truth about Fling is that it values its users since it needs them to stay in business. To this end, there is 24-hour support staff available all day every day to help with any issues and concerns users have. The staff are courteous and would answer your questions quickly and efficiently.

Prices and Plans

Price is one of the most significant concerns of most users and prospects, and the good news is that Fling charges affordable fees for the services it renders. Here is the websites membership plan: