LiveMe Review

August 25, 2023 Laurie Hamilton

LiveMe is popularized as a unique platform for talented and creative youngsters where they can show themselves. The service provides a wide range of newbie tools to help create unique video content, grab the attention of subscribers, and make money. Users receive official support from the platform itself from the very beginning.


Active broadcasters can earn $1,000 from LiveMe in the first months. Naturally, as the number of subscribers and experience grows, so does the income.

How is this possible? The platform was launched in 2016 with overwhelming success in the US and India. The service gained such popularity that in just 3 years, its geography expanded to the Middle East, Japan, Taiwan, Brazil. More and more people are joining LiveMe, including the residents of Eastern Europe. The application has just started working in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and more and more new presenters are joining it.

Mango Du, Head of Regional Service Development in Eastern Europe, deeply believes that everyone who has joined LiveMe is a talented individual who is capable of changing the world. New stars are lit here, and everyone who believes in himself and his strength will certainly achieve his goal and fulfill his cherished dream. The site’s proud of having been listed as one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies of 2018 and being available worldwide for iOS and Android.

Nevertheless, is everything that straightforward? Read my unbiased review of LiveMe to find out what hides behind the curtain.

What Is LiveMe?

So what is LiveMe truly about? The truth about LiveMe is that it’s also a hookup platform with tons of porn content. When you visit the LiveMe site and click “explore” at the top of the page, you’ll notice the most popular category is called “Girls.” As you browse through the list of young female broadcasters, the screenshots feature mostly images of young women in bikinis, underwear, and low-cut shirts.

In fact, on the site, you can even spot couples having sex, girls performing nude or dancing provocatively, and men looking for sex videos with hot females. LiveMe caters to adult users who know what they need. This is a place where your wildest sexual fantasy can be brought to life.

The site caters to satisfy the interest of sexual predators craving for hot ladies. With LiveMe dating site hosting so many members from around the globe, any men would find a lady of his dreams who would satisfy all of his desires.

Users of LiveMe choose whether to broadcast to an anonymous audience or get recognized in their area. Keep reading this LiveMe review to learn more.

LiveMe main page

LiveMe Usability

Predicting your question, “Is LiveMe good in terms of usability?”, I can confidently say yes. But, let’s dig deeper. I will explain why I admire the site’s level of usability.

From first sight, LiveMe gives an impression of a progressive site. This is no weird since the company targets Millennials who are known to be technology-centered. As a person who belongs to Millenials, I found the design quite simple and modern.

What I really appreciated is the absence of excessive distracting details. The site’s home page looks quite neat and appealing. The dominant color is white with colorful geometric figures that contrast with the white background.

What about the interface, LiveMe is superb. They make it clear for every user. It will take seconds to figure out how does LiveMe work and what are all these icons for. Besides, if you check other LiveMe reviews from members, you’ll also find them satisfied with their user experience. The site’s interface is the best explanation of “user-friendliness”.

When visiting LiveMe’s homepage, you see the invitation to join the site’s app. You can explore it on the App Store and App Gallery.

As you scroll down the page, you’ll see the list of the LiveMe partners, which is quite impressive, though. The site’s partners are ColourPop, Huawei, 20th Century Fox, Samsung, and other brands. After that, there’s a news section designed to enlighten you on the latest LiveMe news and upcoming events.

Is LiveMe Worth it?



How Does Work?

The LiveMe application is designed as an endless online show where any user can broadcast live from anywhere – from their apartment, workplace, or street, and do whatever they want, including getting naked and broadcasting intimate moments of their lives.

The LiveMe signup is free of charge. All you need is a phone with a camera and a minimum knowledge of English – this is the main language of the application.

The leaderboard, which is updated daily, shows broadcasters who have earned the highest number of diamonds within the past 24-hour period.

The service has a built-in system of donations – virtual gifts that anyone can send to a streamer they like, and that one, in turn, can be converted into real money, withdrawing from the application to a bank account through the Payoneer system.

The majority of the top broadcasters are targeting the American audience, and therefore the best broadcasts should be caught on the US time.

LiveMe has two streaming options – as a self-employed user and on a contract basis – such presenters have a better frame and higher profitability. However, these are the self-employed lady-streamers who interest men the most. They have no limits and are free to do anything they want. These women are sexually liberated and love giving erotic broadcasts to please a man’s eye. You can even tip for women, so they show you what you want to see.

Of course, not all women are willing to masturbate or toy themselves for tipping or nice gifts. Do a small search and meet the best hookup of your life. As well as there’s porn content on Live Me, the minimum allowed age for all users is 18.

Sign Up

LiveMe is excellent in terms of usability and opportunities. In this paragraph, I’ll show you if the site’s signup is a piece of cake or a daunting task.

To start discovering the world of hot broadcasting, you need to perform LoveMe sign up. The site’s signup is free of charge and available to everyone who’s reached the age of majority.

Users can sign up via Facebook, Instagram, a working phone number, or Email address (for purposes of authenticating accounts and providing a better social experience.)

To join the Live Me broadcasting community, you don’t need to enter lots of personal info. This is what makes Live Me outshine the competitors. You can plunge into the universe of entertaining and porn content in no longer than 5 seconds.

A phone number and email address are enough to begin your career or start following famous broadcasters.

The LiveMe log in process is just the same as the registration. I found it to be super fast and super easy.

LiveMe create account


When using a streaming service, we all want to feel safe and protected. The website cares a lot about users’ safety. All client-oriented services are transparent about the security measures they take, and so is LiveMe. So is LiveMe legit? Let’s see it together!

Over the past 5 years, the LiveMe community has grown faster than we could ever imagine. Thus it’s essential that the company ensures its members a safe LiveMe experience. Like any instantly expanding community, LiveMe can be challenged by cyberbullying. As a conscious user, you may wonder if LiveMe is a safe environment? What measures does it take to keep me safe while browsing the translations or broadcasting on my own?

First, what the company does is relies on select members of the site who tirelessly and selflessly devote themselves to ensuring a safer community. The site’s experts are veterans in the fields of cyberbullying and cybersecurity. They’re up around the clock to repeal any attack and ensure your safe hookup.

Second, the company’s moderators constantly verify users’ identities to prevent malicious and spam activity. LiveMe is definitely not a scam. My good piece of advice would also be to mind your own safety.

Third, while making research for this review of, I found the service to be CCPA compliant. This is great to know that your rights and data are protected with an EU’s GDPR alternative.

Fourth are the questions “Is legit?” and “Is LiveMe safe?” Yes, it is. The company is registered at Room 1101, 11/F, San Toi Building, No 139 Connaught Road Central, Hong Kong.

Search & Profile Quality

Live Me is a popular platform with tones of amusing content. Everything on the site is well-organized to help you find the preferred type of broadcasts or a particular streamer.

On Live Me, everything is already sorted out according to certain criteria that include:

When you pick the Popular Streamer or World Live sections, you’ll see that they’re also divided into certain categories. On Popular Streamer, one will be able to make a choice among Features, Newcomer, Girl (that a male might appreciate the most), and Guy.

When choosing a Girl section, you’ll see a lot of stunningly sexy women in bikini or underwear. Can you imagine how hot their broadcasts are?

The World Live contains performers from America, Middle East, Europe, Asia, or Oceania. To get the most erotic content, I suggest watching the “Girls” broadcasts. Their avatars will help to understand what type of content they post.

Besides, each streamer’s profile contains info about the number of diamonds they have and the list of the top fans. If you like what a certain person is broadcasting, click the pink “follow” button.

Prices & Plans

Live Me is a profitable service for broadcasters and affordable for viewers. Men can spy on sexy girls for free or tip them using the Live Me special currency. You can also pay $19.99/month to become a VIP member with certain perks. The payment methods available are Visa, Mastercard, Razer Gold, and etc. Current prices can be found in the “Recharge” section on the top right side of the screen.

What about earning on Live Me, here how the system works. Anyone who streams on LiveMe can make money. All users of the service who watch streams can buy virtual coins in the AppStore and give them to the streamers. They are accumulated in streamer accounts in the form of “diamonds”, which can already be converted into real money.

For 350 diamonds, you can get $ 1. Leaders hired by agents receive additional bonuses for each diamond.

In order to gain the most, try experimenting with timing. This will give you a chance to try out which audience Asian, American, or European is most generous for what you do. Keep reading this review for more interesting details.

Help & Support

LiveMe is a website specifically created to satisfy the needs of millennials and Z-generations. These are known for the great involvement in the world of technologies. A website is easy to navigate and very user-friendly. LiveMe has them covered with a professional and client-centered customer care team.

On Live me, there are two ways to get assistance. The first and fastest way is to check the site’s FAQ section. There, you will find answers to questions regarding any aspect of the site’s operation, including your account, verification, block/unblock, and some basic info about Live Me.

The second is to contact customer service directly via email. What is great about the Live Me support system is that it has a separate email address for each topic of appeal. For instance, if you need general contact or feedback, email them at [email protected]. For safety concerns, it’s [email protected]. For Police contact, text them at [email protected] [email protected]. The full information, one can find on the site’s contact page.

LiveMe streamers


LiveMe, once known as a site for talented youngsters, is now an adult streaming site with porn findable. Launched in 2016, it caused a stir in social media and attracted millions of users worldwide. Here, curious spectators can find all forms of content, starting from innocent talks to sex broadcasts. Some couples broadcast their sex, and some women love getting naughty with a grateful audience. Now when I described all the advantages and pitfalls of Live me as well as analyzed reviews, I would definitely recommend it to all of the readers.