MegaFuckBook Review

August 25, 2023 Laurie Hamilton

This review of MegaFuckBook is going to tell you about the general impression of members of this platform. However, everything that is going to be indicated here is subjective. Still, you may see how the dating site works, which problem you may face while using it, and how much safer it is. Finally, this article will help you to find out the truth about MegaFuckBook and show what it is.

In a Nutshell


Generally, the MegaFuckBook dating site is for bachelors who seek free sexual intercourse with reliable women. This platform is nice when you accept all such things as normal. MegaFuckBook dating site reviews appear on the Internet with positive and negative sides. Nonetheless, the title of this online dating website speaks for itself.

Pros and Cons


Cons at a Glance


About MegaFuckBook

What is Megafuckbook? It has been launched approximately 7 years ago. The statistics show that the users of this service are predominantly males. However, the number of those who prevail does not exceed the other in more than 5 percent. This platform uses a special system that will not offer you a female if you are a girl vice verse unless you indicate you are a lesbian. MegaFuckBook dating site reviews show that the way this dating website is organized does not surprise or offer something supernatural those there can be lots of positive feedbacks.

How Does MegaFuckBook Work

The very idea and design of are similar to other hookup dating websites, so if you are familiar with at least one of them, you can easily delve into browsing it without any difficulties. MegaFuckBook logs in does not demand that you type your password each time, as it has the function of remembering it. Thus, you save some time for more interesting matters.

This platform aims to find a girl for short-term relationships. As a result, it is great when you have your statistics always before your eyes. On your left, you always see when you have new messages and in a new line the number of unread ones. You may also check who has connected with you or send you a wink, flirt, etc.


To go through sign up you do not need anything even previously created email. Still, with the latter, one should not be so confident, sooner or later, you will need it anyway. However, with the registration process itself, where everything is clear.

You are to agree to some conditions at the very beginning. The timer is set off the moment you visit the website. As a result, you have only 20 minutes to complete it. It is more than enough for less than 10 questions. Among them two are with short open answers, however, they are not time-consuming. The interesting thing about its registration is that you are to make up a short headline for your profile as a so-called status on Twitter.

MegaFuckBook reviews mention as well the importance of indicating your phone number. However, if you are afraid of your date leak, you may write down a fake one. There is no SMS confirmation.

Search & Profile Quality

The search system is completely the same as in other hookup dating websites. It enables the user to filter by the most important thing for them. The age is an auto-filled field along with location as this data analyzes your resume. Still, you have a chance to edit what was filled instead of you. You can also search by race if that is important to you, or body shape.

With Profile quality, everything is clear. In your portfolio, you are given the possibility to upload photos and even videos. Moreover, you can write some information about yourself on the “About Me” page and some requirements or wishes on the “About my Date” tab. Initially, when you go to check these tabs, you are not allowed to edit them. For that, you are to go to Account settings.


Is MegaFuckBook good? People wonder whether they can trust It depends. Members here do expect something supernatural and impossible. This is a hookup site that owns a basic protection system. The data is not encrypted on an advanced level and one should not expect a 100 percent guarantee even if the platform offers it.

Help & Support

From the previous point there arises a problem of support. Is Megafuckbook legit? It is, thus it offers legal support. Still, one is to know that not all the questions and issues are looked through or replied. Sometimes, the administration may think it as unimportant, so that you will never know.

Nonetheless, the main matters are displayed in the Q&A section with its last question to whom to contact. The most effective way is to write an email to [email protected].

Prices & Plans

Plans here are not expensive if you order already a six-month one. Your free trial does not provide you with a whole bunch of functions. You are limited even in messaging or sending some signs of attention through winks or smiles.

You may, firstly, think that you can do without it unless you meet your perfect match. For you to impress her, you should post more and more photos, communicate more with her in a romantic way, and please her with great things. For such unconfident people, Megafuckbook has created a 3-day chance to test it.


MegaFuckBook is a great hookup dating website along with the others. It does not impress with the bright interface and other cool features. Still, it has some advantages and the main one is the competitive price.