Pinkcupid Review In A Nutshell

August 25, 2023 Laurie Hamilton

It is common to see a man and a woman getting married. But have you seen a woman getting married to her fellow woman? It is not a new thing in today’s world. Some women feel they attracted to their fellow women. You will find that they cannot have feelings towards any man. The good thing is that society has found a way to appreciate everyone’s sexual orientation. They do not harshly judge lesbians or gays. Therefore if you are a lesbian, do not feel ashamed or fear. Come out and search for your dream girl.


You may be wondering where you can find other lesbians to hook up with them. There is no need to worry; you do not have to look for them physically. There are lesbian dating sites that are there to help you. One of the many good dating sites that you can choose is PinkCupid. is a lesbian dating site that has been present for many years. It has successfully connected many lesbians from many parts of the world. The following review of PinkCupid will show you why the site is famous.

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Overall Rating-9.0

Pros And Cons


Many dating sites do not have quality photos. Hence you cannot see someone to judge if they attract you or not. PinkCupid has solved this problem of low-quality pictures by having a photo competition. Members ensure they always upload glamorous images to win a three-month platinum membership. Therefore photos on PinkCupid are of high-quality, making it easy for you to choose the one who catches your eyes.

The website ensures that there will be no user who will face any difficulties on the site. They provide a reliable support team that will ensure they assist you in anything. Those involved in the support team have skills and know-how to interact with users. What makes the site outstanding is the several channels they provide users to contact the customer service. You can contact them through the ticket system, emailing, or phone calls.

PinkCupid ensures that they do regular checks on every profile to ensure that they are real. They do it using SSL encryption code. The site gives its users the option to get verification badges by providing your valid ID. The website does everything it can to ensure that the website is safer for you to use.


The site is not for those people who are looking for a free dating platform. Free members can register and create their profile. If you want to communicate with other users or enjoy the features on the site, you must pay for them.

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About/What Is PinkCupid

The website is a lesbian dating site that helps women to find their partners. You can find both casual and long-term relationships on the site. It has connected many women with their better half for a long time now. Women are the ones who dominate the site. They are more than half the members. As much as it is a lesbian dating site, some men still visit the website. The site has over a million users worldwide.


When signing up, you should give your valid email address. However, you can also register using your Facebook account. PinkCupid reviews have shown that to register takes a few minutes of your time. Verification of your email is a must. You will have to fill in all the required fields to register successfully.

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Search And Profile Quality

The searching engines of the site are excellent, thus ensuring you get your perfect match. It offers various options to search for the one you want. Searching is a simple process, even for the newbie. The website also ensures that it has high-quality profiles. They do not accept profiles that have less than three photos and low-quality photos. They also ensure profiles are informative.


Safety is an important factor when choosing the dating site to use for dating. No one can be comfortable in an environment that is not safe. Therefore you will not achieve your goals. In PinkCupid dating site reviews, there have been few complaints of the safety of the site. However, the website does everything to ensure that they solve any safety issues.

Special Features

The website has some great features that will ensure you do not get bored while using the website. One of the features that they have is ‘glam photo competition.’ This feature helps the site to have high-quality photos. Members compete who will have the highest-quality images. The winner will receive a free three-month membership. Another feature includes cupid tags and many others.

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Help And Support

The truth about PinkCupid is that it provides excellent customer service that operates 24/7. There is no time that you will contact them and fail to get a response. They have enough skills to ensure that they solve all your questions and problems. The other work of customer service is to advise users on how they can keep their accounts safe.

Cost And Prices

If you want to enjoy all the features on the site, you will have to upgrade to a paid subscription. The site provides you with two subscriptions. They include gold and premium subscriptions. A Premium subscription has more benefits than a gold subscription. The website also offers many forms of payment to users. You can pay using a credit card, PayPal or bank transfer


You have no reason as to why you should remain lonely in life because you are a lesbian. There are other lesbians out there looking for you. Use a PinkCupid dating site to find your better half.

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