Skype Sex Chat & Its Alternatives for Video Sex: Useful Tips

January 30, 2023 Laurie Hamilton

People on various forums are often interested in how to meet women on Skype, so I did a little research to see if this is even possible. Undoubtedly, sex on Skype itself is possible. It is a common practice among couples who meet long distances or apart. But is it possible to meet sexy Skype girls for a few pleasant evenings and not for a long-term relationship? Are people ready for such online sex? As it turned out, they had been ready for a long time. And there are even Skype alternatives that are designed to both search and show free Skype sex shows. My goal is to tell you more about them so that you can choose what suits you best. I also have some Skype sex tips for guys if you are interested in sex videos with hotties.

Skype Sex Chat

Skype & Its 3 Alternatives for Video Sex

If you can’t wait to move on to real Skype sex, check out the highlights of the article below:


Skype is not specifically designed for sex chat, but find Skype sex partners is quite possible. True, most often, they are searched for on other platforms. On the other hand, Skype is safe, with good video and sound for sex games. There is a free and paid version. Considering the content you will engage in, paying for a subscription is best. It will give you more features for sexting girls on Skype and more privacy. It is a secure platform that takes all necessary security measures for its users. Therefore, you can not be afraid that someone will post your Skype sex talk on the Internet. If the recording of your session starts, the platform will warn you about it. So you don’t have to worry. But in order for your Skype sex hookup to be as successful as possible, be sure to take into account our tips, which we will discuss with you a little later.

My Skype Experience 

Of course, even before testing, I had experience using Skype, but for making regular audio and video calls. So my partner and I decided to experiment a bit. First of all, the quality of the picture is very dependent on the camera itself and the quality of the Internet signal. But the sound and picture stayed caught up, which pleasantly surprised me. I also looked at the location of people online. But you must admit that it would be strange to write to strangers with a proposal for virtual sex. However, with a bit of googling, hundreds of posts are looking for Skype sexting partners. Therefore, finding a partner is not a problem. By the way, this is what mine thinks about our joint testing of Skype:

“Definitely a cool experience that should be continued if one of us is on a business trip. I don’t know if I could do that to strangers. For this, you need to trust your partner as much as possible.”

find skype sex partners


This platform, like Skype, is also not specifically designed for sex chat rooms. But during Covid-19, it has also become a popular online meeting place, including a meeting like a Skype sexting video. This platform has many cool features that can come in handy during your date video. For example, you can schedule appointments, and the platform will send you a date notification. However, the video and sound quality may be slightly worse than Skype. But you can chat as in Skype dirty chat during a video call. The platform still has a minus, and you will not be able to search for interlocutors directly on the platform since, in order to create a conference, you need an invitation link or data for searching and entering. But it also has a significant plus – no outsider will be able to enter your real sex chat.

My Zoom Experience 

It is a relatively new platform and has also become popular recently. It’s cool that here you can divide the screen into two. And on one side is your partner, and on the other you. So you can see the two of you. But if you don’t like it, you can put your partner in full screen, and you will remain in a small window. As it turned out, the platform can even be used to record home videos, as there is a conference recording function. However, new free users can only use the platform for 45 minutes. If everything happens between strangers, this is quite enough time, but it may not be enough for regular partners. Here’s what my partner thinks about Zoom as a user:

“A handy platform, especially if you don’t want to shine your skype for dirty games, haha. Zoom could become a virtual sex-only platform as the features are almost identical to Skype.”


It comes very close to imitating the Skype sex chat. It is a great alternative to Skype, from the quality of the webcam broadcast to how the girls present themselves and position themselves. And it’s the only site that allows you to set up a private group chat between you and two models of your choice. In a private show, you can ask a girl to accept another girl you invited to join the chat. The first 20 seconds of the private show are free. But the girls know this too, so they will start slowly. Use this time wisely to help you decide if your choice is wise. During Skype with naked girls, expect to pay an average of $2.25 per minute. You can turn on your webcam and microphone, and both are included in the price of the show. The more active your users, the more progress you can make with multiple site memberships. Each level gives you access to great benefits and shows discounts. 

sex on skype

My Imlive Experience

I tested this platform myself, as model girls are already ready for a virtual game. A man can choose the profile he likes and watch the girl’s show. I didn’t pay for the private show, but every girl has her own rules, like what she does in a private show. So if you want, you can have video sex and turn on the camera too. The peculiarity of private sex is that the girl must be with the camera, and you can remain completely anonymous. 


The box-shaped video player, the quality of the webcam, and the way amateurs behave in front of the camera make it almost like Skype. This platform keeps costs low by not promising true HD streaming. But in most cases, it looks the same as Skype masturbation or other role-playing games. Whether you’re viewing a regular-sized monitor or a mobile device, the difference in quality is negligible. The choice of Skype sex girls here is huge. If you love watching naked horny housewives, college students, or hardcore fetishists, this is the place for you. On average, the site employs about 600+ performers. All shows include a connection between webcams and audio-to-audio, which are paid for by a private session. If you go private with the girls who want to Skype, you also can turn on your camera. 

My Sexier Experience

This alternative to Skype is similar to the previous one and resembles webcams. After a simple registration, I went to the main page with all the profiles. I can also customize my preferences according to the filters. For example, choose a slender or curvy girl. If you don’t want to bother with finding a partner for sex videos, this platform has its advantages.

skype sex chat

How to Have Skype Sex: Key Points?

  1. Check your equipment before sexy Skype calls to ensure everything is working properly.
  2. If you are the one who initiated the sex date, think about the atmosphere. Prepare music to play in the background and over the lighting. Remember that you should be visible, but a darkened environment may be behind you.
  3. Think of a rough scenario and put everything you might need next to you – toys, lubricants, blindfold, mask, etc.
  4. Be natural. Virtual sex is practically no different from real one. The partner will be pleased to hear your moans, dirty words, etc.
  5. Think of ways to surprise your partners, such as a striptease in front of the camera or anything your imagination can do. 

How to Make Skype Sex Chat More Exciting?

So that you have to make your 1 On 1 sexchat unforgettable, you need to know a partner better. If this is your permanent partner, there should not be problems with this, but if you meet for the first time, you should discuss all the details. If your partner loves sex toys, why not use them during Skype sex cam? For example, a girl can prepare a vibrator or dildo in advance for playing with a camera. Or a man can make a pleasant one and send a gift in advance, with the condition of opening it frantically in front of the camera. Also, ordinary trifles in compatibility can give an excellent result and an unforgettable Skype adult chat. If you are very worried, look at a few porn videos of a linear theme to better understand what awaits you.

Top Tips For Video Call Sex

Conclusion – What Is the Best Skype Sex Chat Anyway?

Each of the above platforms has its advantages. If you already have your partner, use Skype sexting tips and spend an unforgettable evening. But if you want to relax, it doesn’t matter to you to know this person at least a little. Choose an alternative to Skype – cam sites. The best sex chat is the one that, at some point, can satisfy your desires 100%.


How Safe Is It to Have Sex in a Skype Call?

Skype is a secure platform for video and audio calls with special encryption. Therefore, sex on Skype is safe. But if you notice something suspicious that usually does not appear during a normal call, please contact support.

How to Get Started with Skype Sex Chat?

Be playful and start with an interesting proposal or an unusual sexual compliment. It will help position your partner for the game. It is better to discuss the details of the virtual sex itself before the call to avoid losing the sexual mood.

How to Find a Partner for Skype Sex Chat?

If you want sex on Skype, you can look for a partner on various dating sites or forums with similar offers. If you do not want to spend time on this, use one of the Skype alternatives.

How to Get the Most Out of Skype Sex Chat?

It is not necessary to perceive such sex as something insignificant. Careful preparation for virtual sex will help you get the most out of it. Prepare everything you need, so you don't interrupt the process with pointless searches.