A Review Of Benaughty.com

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In a Nutshell

The dating game is fast evolving, with many dating sites available, where different people from all over the world can find their desired partner. Despite the number of dating sites available, some of them are either illegal, while many others offer the same services, leaving users short of varieties. However, there is a site that is different from many of those available, which is different from other dating sites and offers a dating service that is unique from others. That site is Benaughty.com.

About Benaughty.com

Benaughty.com is a website that prides itself on being simple and offering the best dating services to its numerous users. The site provides consenting adults willing to hook up, have threeways, and sexual encounters with one another a platform to mingle with each other. In this site, everything goes straight to the point, as they can skip the initial introduction formalities if they want to, and enjoy a new adult dating experience different from many other sites.

BeNaughty review


Benaughty.com has a membership base of over 500,000 members in the US, with 120,000 of those members being active weekly. Of that membership base, 60% are females, while 40% are male, making it a viable hunting ground to get acquainted with different female beauties from all over the world. These female members are also the most active in the site and are always ready and willing to hit you up once you join the platform. Also, over 13 million people visit the website monthly, making it one of the most sought after dating site.

In terms of age distribution, females in the age bracket of 25-34, and 34-44 make up most of that population, while males between the ages of 18-24, and 24-34, make up the majority of the male population.

Benaughty.com Sign In

Signing up with Benaughty.com is fast, easy, and without hassles. A new member has to fill out his or her personal details, such as gender, age, location, and email address. After this, one then proceeds to upload at least one image of one’s self. That image goes through a photo check, which scrutinizes for nudity, fakeness, pornographic content, etc. Once the photo check is complete and passed, the registration process is complete, and the new user gets suggestions matching his or her location.

Search and Profile Quality

To access other members of the site, you have to make use of the free search, which is made available, and also comes with filters. To connect, you send winks to the profiles you like and add them as favorites. As a general member, you only have access to profile photos, but would be able to see more photos after becoming a full member of the site. The site also has a chatroom available, where one can interact with others. One reason why female members are more active is that they can send messages for free, while the feature is not free for the males.

The profile quality of Benaughty.com is very high, as the site goes a long way to ensure that it is only valid information that is entered by its users. The photo test also provides that it is verifiable members that are on the site. However, most profiles are not detailed, as members can skip most of the registration parts.

Benaughty.com’s Features

There are many unique features available to users of the site that make the experience of its members enjoyable. Some of these features include

  • Promote My Account, which enables members to send promotional messages and winks to potential matches.
  • Full Safe Mode, which ensures that you only receive messages from fully verified members.
  • Basic Safe Mode, with this mode, you prevent flagged or suspicious members from sending you messages.

Help and Online Support

Benaugthy.com ensures that its members always come first, and go a long way to ensure that its customer service agents are always on hand to attend to any issues that users may have. Users can send emails to [email protected], call 1-800-489-6091, or contact the site owners, Together Networks Limited, through an online form, which takes their issues straight to the top.

Prices and Plans

In Benaughty.com, the following services are free: Winking, messaging for a female account, adding people to a Favorites List, seeing who is online and offline, and viewing the list of new members. However, the following services are paid for: Messaging for men, viewing of photo albums, unlocking of “looking for” dating info, sharing of photos and videos in chat, and viewing a person’s location.

For full membership, a one month plan costs $27.3 per month, while a 3-month plan costs $45.90. A 6-month plan is $73.80.

These prices and plans, when compared to other dating sites, show that Benaughty.com is on the average side.


With Benaughty.com, a person can find and meet with singles, and they can have casual fun without strings attached. Benaughty.com is a safe and secure site to use and offers its users great services, better than most other dating sites. With Benaughty, fun is the keyword, as it is different from the traditional dating sites available. So, sign up with the site today, get straight to messaging your desired date, and hook up to enjoy one another. It is easy and begins with just one click.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are some frequently asked questions asked by Beanughty.com users. Some of these questions include:

Is Benaughty.com Easy to Use?

One thing going for this Benaughty Dating site is its excellent user experience. The website is designed in a way that is simple and easy to understand. Each function is intuitive, while the loading time is okay. One doesn’t have to be an internet guru to navigate the site.

Is Benaughty.com Safe?

One major concern of dating site users is the safety of the site. This is because many dating site users have lost valuable money to unsecured dating sites and fraudsters. The website is SSL encrypted, and its users have to verify their identity via text or phone call during registration. Also, any private user information given such as credit card details is kept private, hence not allowing fraudsters to have any access to it. Therefore users of the site can enjoy hooking up with their interests without being scammed.

Is Benaughty.com Legit?

Based on hundreds of expert user reviews of the site, as well as great reviews by users of the site, Benaughty is confirmed as a legit site that allows men and women from all over the world to hook up with one another.

Why are some photos not allowed to be uploaded?

This happens when the website detects that you are uploading a photo that violates their photo rules, or one that has been uploaded before. Benaughty.com doesn’t allow some kind of pictures to be uploaded on their site, so when you do that, they automatically block such photos from being uploaded.

Which pictures are not allowed?

The kind of pictures not allowed on the site includes photos of minors, celebrities, non-human beings, violence, offensive gestures, nude photos, gender difference, pictures that have personal details of the user. It is thus prohibited to do so upload such pictures on the site.

Why is Benaughty.com strict with photo uploads?

The website is strict with photo uploads because it wants to ensure that only real persons join the website. If it allows pictures that it prohibits from being uploaded, it gives room to fake accounts, fraudulent people and spammers to use the site.

Does Benaughty track my location?

Benaughty uses a user’s location to give the user a better people recommendation even without them searching. Hence when your location is known, you see more profiles of members who are close to you. That boosts the chances of setting a meeting and saves you the cost of traveling far distances.

Is Benaughty.com Expensive?

Benaughty.com has plans and prices that are affordable for those looking to enjoy an incredible online dating experience. Compared to other dating sites, the cost of the plans is affordable and pocket-friendly. So nothing stops you from enjoying a great time on the site.